Entertainment Update: dramas, news, and rankings

New entertainment update! First, Zhao Liying‘s high school graduation photo~


Yang Mi at her college graduation

New pictures released of Zhao Liying at the Golden Eagle Awards. ALSO, Princess Agents will be broadcast in summer of 2017, four episodes a week!


In a poll in Vietnam about the most beautiful Asian faces, Zhao Liying was voted #1


The rankings for the third quarter of 2016 came out:


  1. Zhao Liying
  2. Zhang Yixing
  3. William Chan
  4. Yang Yang
  5. Zhang Yishan
  6. Wang Junkai
  7. Yi Yang Qian Xi
  8. Guan Xiaotong
  9. Wu You
  10. Wang Yuan

Zhang Han and Gulinazha have been spotted looking at houses together


Uncanny resemblance between Zheng Shuang‘s (female) assistant and Li Yifeng has got people’s attention


Wu Xin: The Monster Killer Season 2 released a poster and stills


Elvis Han


Chen Yao


Wang Yanlin


Li Landi





Yang Mi‘s cover for the November issue of Elle Magazine

Along with the drama, The Escape, Chen Kun is confirmed as the male lead for Rise of the Phoenixes. This makes two dramas (a modern and an ancient) to celebrate his return to drama land!

Oh My General starring Ma Sichun and Sheng Yilun‘s filming ceremony (I saw news of this drama a whiiile back. But, they just started filming now?)

Zhang Yixing (Lay) fainted at Incheon Airport on October 11th due to exhaustion/lack of sleep (these people work way too hard, get some rest and stay healthy!)

Get better soon, Lay!


Takes a Real Man held a press conference on October 18th


Meanwhile, Sun Yang was with the Chinese Olympic Swimming team


Huang Zitao and Jiang Jinfu arrived together



Yang Mi


Yang Mi and Tong Li Ya


Jiang Jinfu


Shen Meng Chen


Zhang Lanxin


Li Rui


That same day, the cast filmed Happy Camp (in pjs?)



And in normal clothes


That day, Huang Zitao also filmed for another unknown Hunan show with He Jiong (a presenter), Jackson Wang of Got7, and Zhang Dada (another presenter)


Jackson and Tao are known to be close friends (caring for each other through injuries and the hard times in Korea)

Lastly, we are covering C-pop! This is the music chart for this week


  1. Huang Zitao – Mystery Girl
  2. Zhang Yixing – what U need
  3. Wang Junkai – 树读
  4. Kimi Qiao – 环城巴士
  5. SNH48 – Princess’ Cloak

Huang Zitao just released the Taiwanese version of his album, The Road. The Chinese version sold out within 30 minutes. His debut mini-album, T.A.O, that released in 2015 broke digital sales record in China by selling 670,000 copies within its first week of release. This record is still held by him.


This new album features Wiz Khalifa (they met at Tao’s L.A. music studio)


Zhang Yixing (Lay)’s new MV for single, what U need? (catchy!! His dancing is also amazing). UPDATE: Lay’s first album will be released October 28th

The MV for 环城巴士, Kimi Qiao‘s posthumous single (I like it!)


10 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: dramas, news, and rankings

  1. Soooo excited for Rise of the Phoenixes !
    Heard the rumor of the female lead is Li Qin or Tong Li Ya?
    I definitely recommend people to read the novel that Oh My General is based upon. Pretty comedic on some parts 😀
    Aww, hope Lay get some rest. His song sounds pretty nice.
    I got a bit teary listening to Kimi’s song 😢


  2. Thanks for the update! Rise of the Phoenix looks pretty interesting. LinQin is set to film for Ruyi after Princess so I wonder if she would take another drama too.
    Four episodes a week for Princess okay thank you Hunan. I hope by this they mean on TV and not what they did with Chusen where they aired two episodes on TV and four online. I am thinking Princess is finishing up filming sine a lot of people are posting pics, etc.


    1. Oh god, I hope not. Hunan TV, please don’t do that!! I agree 🙂 it finished filming!! Now, I am so curious what ZLY’s next project is


    1. You’re right!! wow. They look so much alike. 😱 Had to double check the article to verify
      I don’t think I can call myself a ZLY fan anymore….(


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