[Review/Recap] Legend of Chusen Episode 43-46

# of episodes:
55 Chinese name: 青云志

Episode 43-44

Last episode, Xiaofan and Xueqi decided to head back to Qinyun while Shushu and Xiaohuan headed back to Yudu city. He wanted to understand what he saw in the well.

Back at Qinyun, all the shifu sat around to discuss the danger that the demon sects are becoming. It seems like all the demon sects are gathering in one place. The head decided to send the three other shifu to Donghai Liubosan to investigate. The decided that they will also meet Xiaofan and Xueqi there also.

On the way back to Qinyun, Xueqi finally told Xiaofan regarding Jingyu’s situation. He now know that Jingyu got accused of being the demon beast and lost all his power. He deduced that the demon beast must have set Jingyu up to eliminate him.

After their departure, Lixuan somehow found Biyao at an inn drinking tea as she was thinking about Xiaofan’s distance after their meeting at the well. Just as Lixuan was asking for Xuan Huo Jian back, Qin Wuyan came out and poisioned Lixuan’s people. Lixuan decided to leave for now knowing that he cannot beat the both of them.

Next day, Lixuan came back to the inn with his shi shu to find that Xiaofan and Xueqi were sitting there instead of Biyao. Before they can start fighting, news came in that Guiwong and other demon sect will be meeting at Liubosan and for them to go there asap.

Biyao and QinWuyan arrived at the camp that Guiwong Zhong set up in LiuBoshan.

While Biyao went to meet her dad, Qing Long asked Qin Wuyan about his journey with Biyao and if he had already fallen for Biyao. Wuyan hestiated a little and said he knows not to put himself in a situation where there’s no result. (So the answer is yes!) Biyao confronted her dad regarding his decision to seal away her memory. She told him that it doesn’t matter if it was a moment or a lifetime, as long as she is with the person she loves then that’s enough!

Xueqi and Xiaofan finally arrived to the outskirt of the good sect’s camp site. Xiaofan decided that he will head there later at night to avoid causing trouble with Feng Shang Gu. Xueqi went ahead into the village.

Lixuan and shishu set up a trap using a golden bird to lure Xiaofan. Xiaofan thought that he was heading toward Biyao but ended getting trap instead. Lixuan decided to use Xiaofan as a hostage to trade for Xuan Huo Jian with Biyao.

Biyao was worried about Xiaofan being missing and went over the good side’s camp. At that moment, Lixuan announced to Guiwong that they caught someone important and for him to use Xuan Huo Jian as an exchange. Seconds later, YeGou, on order of Biyao, ran in and told Guiwong that Biyao got captured. Not knowing that Biyao just wanted her dad’s help to find Xiaofan, Guiwong thought that important person was Biyao.

Biyao saw the captured Xiaofan and came out with Xuan Huo Jian to rescue Xiaofan. Guiwong came just in time to fight off Lixuan and his shishu. However, Xiaofan got injured in the process. Biyao asked her dad to save him therefore they took him back to Guiwong’s camp.

While Guiwong used Xuan Huo Jian to heal Xiaofan, the shifus of Qingyun and Fengshanggu almost got into a fight regarding Xiaofan’s alliance to good versus bad. After healing xiaofan, Guiwong asked Xiaofan again to join his sect but Xiaofan refused therfore Guiwong decided to “lock” Xiaofan up.

Biyao asked her dad to let Xiaofan go but he refused. He said to wait 3 days after he found GuiNiu (an ox?). He can’t risk letting Xiaofan go and having him report to his shifu their camp location.

Back at the camp of the good side, all the shifus were discussing the next step. Xueqi explained to her shifu Xiaofan’s situation but it seems like her shifu doesn’t approve of his action. News had already spread throughout the camp saying that Xiaofan and demon sect is allying and that him and a demon girl (aka Biyao) is having an affair.

Episode 45-46

The episode started off with Jing PingEr convincing Xiaofan to just join Guiwong sect but, of course, he refused again. Guiwong gathered everyone together to set up a trap for Qinyun’s people. However, Biyao does not agree with idea. She doesn’t want her sect to kill off his sect and have him hate her for life nor does she want these killings.


Biyao decided to ask Jing PingEr to help her release Xiaofan. But on his way back, Qinglong and Wuyan stopped him and they started fighting. At that moment, Xiaofan’s shifu and Ling’Er came to rescue him. Biyao and her dad also arrived at the scene. And the fighting began!

In front of Xiaofan’s shifu, Guiwong thanked Xiaofan for providing herbal medicine to heal his wound and asked that they take good care of his future-son-in law!! and then left.

Back at Guizhong camp, Biyao asked her dad what he meant by what he said before about future son in law. Guiwong told Biyao that he will never accept a Qinyun disciple as a future-son-in law! Wuyan took that opportunity to ask Guiwong for Biyao’s hand in marriage. Stating that this will unite Guiwong and Wan Dumen. Hearing that, Biyao rejected and stormed off.

Xiaofan is now back of the camp of the side. He reunited with his shifu and shimei however the war between the good sect and demon sect is reaching it’s climax. Both sides are planning and calculating each other’s move.

At night time, Xiaofan couldn’t fall asleep thinking about all the happy times at Qinyun and his alliance to the sect. A figure went by and he thought it was Biyao. After chasing after her out to a forest, he knew that it was Biyao but YueYi. She warned him to leave Biyao alone and he agreed. (He doesn’t want to be the cause of her death as he saw in the well)

Biyao,  on the other hand, was deep in thought until Qinwuyan showed up. She warned him not to get closer or she will kill him. She told him she doesn’t want to marry him. He said neither does he. But that he doesn’t mind marrying her. After Biyao walked away, Wuyan showed a caring-regretful expression.

(d’awww. You should learn to be nice to the girl you like!!!)

Xiaofan warned his shifu that the demon sect may be up to something today. All of a sudden, GuiNui showed signs of appearing. Xiaofan, LingEr, Xue Qi, and a Xian met up to aid their shifus in the fight.

With the appearance of GuiNiu, everyone from both sides of the sects are setting up to capture it. However, Guiwong already planned his trap to kill all the good sect people using Wuyan’s poisoned bugs.

As the people from the good sect were in danger and dying, Xiaofan flew in just in time to save the day! By himself, he defended everyone from the attacks of GuiNiu. Biyao wanted to help him but got stopped by Qinglong. Xiaofan defeated GuiNiu then fainted after the fight. During the fight, however, everyone figured out that Xiaofan was using Tian Ying Ge’s power and another mysterious power.

His shifu decided to take Xiaofan back to Qingyun for further investigation. During the discussion with all the shifu, Xiaofan’s shifu 100% defended him therefore the head allow his shifu to lead the investigation.

Over of Guiwong’s side. He was a little mad and surprised on Xiaofan’s power. After discussion with Mr.Ghost, they plan on attacking Qingyun once they steal  the sword of Zu from Qingyun!!

Even though Xiaofan was not punished, his situation was not like before. Everyone, beside the people in his group, now think he is either an ally of the demon sect and is wary of him. During dinner, his Shifu was super angry and asked that he tell them the truth and his power. He was hesitant and did not want to tell. Hi shifu told him that if he indeed does not have anything to do with the demon sect then he should go down and kill Biyao as proof of his innocent!!

Chexmix: Counting down 9 more episodes to the ending!! I’m glad that Xiaofan is finally showing some concern for Biyao but too bad that his alliance is still toward his sect. Like in that one scene where Jing PingEr let him go and  he got injured fighting Qin Wuyan and Qinglong. Biyao was worried about him and wanted to help but one of his shi xong came out and starting attacking her. The minute he said not to hurting his shixong, Biyao stopped her attack and almost got stabbed!! I really felt bad for Biyao at that moment and thought she deserves better!!

Thumbs up for Qin Wuyan though!!! He’s evil, cunning, selfish, and manipulative but yet you can’t help but feel for him. Sometimes you hate him for his actions and evilness (especially with that smirk on his face) and yet there are times where you can’t help but ship him with Biyao!

Props to Yangzi as well! I saw some of the BTS videos and her smiling and not smiling is soooo different!! She’s completely the cool Xueqi when she doesn’t smile and the silly Xiao Qiu from Ode to Joy when she does.

Behind the scene video:

LOL! at the 1:15 min mark. No wonder Xiaofan can only have that confused expression!


24 thoughts on “[Review/Recap] Legend of Chusen Episode 43-46

  1. I finally got caught up and yes I agree BiYao deserves better than XiaoFan. I have this love hate relationship with their ship. XiaoFan is starting to remind me of the main character in Legend of Zu.
    Qin Wuyan is one of my favorite characters.


    1. You’re just in time for the climax!
      There’s definitely a leaky hole on BY and XF’s ship and hopefully XF get his act together before it sink.
      As for Qin Wuyan, I love his relationship with BY. I think the production team made it so that you want to ship them but not at the same time and that makes their relationship so much more precious. hahaha.


      1. yeah
        XF is just so weak. He never knows what to do or what action to take in regards to what matters. ZLY and wuxias, she always gets stuck with weak minded men. Can we get a wuxia with a guy that will do anything for her?


        1. Lol! I cast my vote for HuGe!
          But you’re absolutely right. JoF, Legend of Zu Mountain, and now this….I hope Princess agent won’t turn out the same.


          1. I want HuGe for a palace drama. And yes please let Princess Agents be different. So far the only male lead that did anything for her character was in Boss and Me.


            1. True true. HuGe and ZLY in a palace drama would be awesomeeeeee! *_* (My poor version of excited eyes. kinda wish WP has emojis…)
              And Fo Ye from mystic nine. he also pushed her away in the beginning. But at least once he made up his mind it was the my-woman-attitude all the way!


  2. Goshhh..its already 46 ep..I stop watched it at ep.27 cause they also stop sub it and missed your recap till now..This drama have many young actor and actress so eventhough the story and character not so good but watched all the fresh handsome face can make us happy..lol


  3. Haha! I also adore BY and QWY. Tough love.

    XF really annoys me with his nonchalant attitude. One scene he pushes BY away and another he looks for her. Make up your mind!


    1. hahah! Join the club!
      And his excuse for pushing her away is always the same too! I’m good, you’re evil , this is for your own good blah blah blah.


    1. Hahaha. There’s not much spoiler. The story is not progressing much so ure not missing out.
      Rookie is releasing insanely fast! 2 episodes per day? I’m still behind with watching so I can imagine the craziness for u with watching and recapping.


        1. hahah. Can’t help it. We’re crazy ZLY fanatics.
          Yup! I’m glad that it works out this way. Imagine only one of us recapping these 2 dramas….0_0


  4. Thanks for this! I am not watching anymore but love reading your recaps – I also have a Qin Wuyan bias and he looks so damn good here! Biyao should totally get over Xiao Fan!!!


    1. Yay team Wuyan! She definitely should. Especially in these few eps where he constantly pick his sect over her!
      Several times I want to give up on this drama too. but we’re soooo close to the ending. Honestly, I just want to fast forward to the part where Biyao sacrifice herself for him!! (Sorry for the spoiler for those who don’t know….0.0)


      1. What gets me is that there is no angst in this show – no Romeo and Juliet vibe when this is the best setting for that! If you fall in love with someone from an opposing sect, you really ought to be more conflicted and not just confused all Ye time Xiao Fan…….


        1. Yup! and that’s why there’s no progress to their relationship at all. All the dialogues in the drama are super repetitive also. It’s either “join me sect” or “good and bad cannot be together.” And in the case of Xiaofan- to me he’s not conflicted at all. He clearly chooses his sect over Biyao over and over again. That’s why we’re team Wuyan! ahahah at least that guy know exactly what he wants and he can express it well.


          1. Yeah! It feels like BY is forcing her case as XF seems non plussed! I am all for “go for love”
            But it really should be reciprocal in both intensity if of the forbidden kind…..was never a fan of the noble love trope where u just sacrifice for the other person regardless whether the love is reciprocated….


            1. Unfortunately that’s a common theme in c-dramas tho. I don’t mind the whole sacrifice for love theme but in this case…I’m not feeling anything from them. BY and XF can be cute together but they’re just not giving off that I-can-die-for-u-love level yet.


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