Entertainment Update: Zhao Liying, Joe Chen’s letter to Kimi Qiao, Shu Qi, Yang Yang, and Huang Zitao

Time for a new entertainment update!

Starting with Zhao Liying‘s wax figure that is to be displayed in Madame Tussauds Beijing.




She hosted an online chat for the upcoming Golden Eagle Awards last night

This is the video: http://www.miaopai.com/show/pJ2LtDlydDO2LQ5vvmCbaA__.htm

Joe Chen posted a message on Weibo for Kimi Qiao‘s birthday, saying how she misses him and that one day, they will hopefully meet again


Shu Qi is suspected to be pregnant. She also captioned a photo of her with Ruby Lin and Kelly Lin (on a girls’ trip) “four girls travel” hinting that Ruby Lin may be pregnant with a girl. UPDATE: Ruby Lin confirmed suspicions!




Xuan Yuan Sword of Legend – Clouds of Han released stills

Alan Yu


Guan Xiaotong



Zhang Yunlong


Zhang Jianing


Ju Jing Yi


Gan Tingting


Takes A Real Man will air next Friday, and has released trailers and stills

Official trailer

Huang Zitao (sorry, can’t help myself)


Yang Mi, Tong Li Ya, Shen Meng Chen, Zhang Lanxin, Sun Yang, Jiang Jinfu, Huang Zitao, Li Rui

Yang Mi‘s airport fashion


Yang Yang‘s first “photobook”


Huang Zitao is the new spokesperson for Beats by Dre


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


14 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Zhao Liying, Joe Chen’s letter to Kimi Qiao, Shu Qi, Yang Yang, and Huang Zitao

  1. Yeah! New entertainment update 8D Surprised to see Liying will already get a wax figure. Not sure if it is too early or exactly on time. After all, Hu Ge got his just last month!
    OMG, does that mean Wallace is going to be the father of a little girl? awwn, that is going to be so cutee!! Can’t wait to see some family pictures when the baby will be born.
    Finally, no problem with the Tao spamming xD Thanks for compiling all this!


    1. I am surprised too! But happy 🙂 maybe my next trip to China, I’ll be able to see it in person!!

      I can’t really imagine Wallace as a father, but I’m sure that girl will be beautiful (after all, both of her parents are)

      Haha, I’m so glad you said that. He’s been so busy lately and looking so hot, I couldn’t help myself ><


      1. *_* OMG, that would be so coool! And definitely beautiful, with such parents, it feels like the baby got royal parents! ❤
        Haha, happy to see Tao getting more projects since he is really funny. Hope his acting is good since I never checked those ones out yet. xD


  2. I thought that William was the spokesperson for Beats. He looked so good in that commercial!
    Oh, Yang Yang – too much prettiness, and now all compiled in a photobook. 🙂
    Yang Mi looks edgy in those over-the-knee high boots.


    1. I’m not sure about that! I just thought Tao is the spokesperson because Beats’ Weibo changed its cover photo to his photo.

      YY is just too much hottness to handle! I thought so too. Love her fashion


  3. So happy for Liying. Rumor is that it will be modeled after Hua Qian Gu.
    She was so cute in her live when she tried to recreate sending messages with lemon juice and she kept failing and even burned one paper lol.
    Sad about Kimi, I keep seeing stuff about his upcoming dramas and it is still hard to process that he died.


    1. If she is going for Huaqiangu’s theme I hope it the one where she turned demon! hahahah that’s gonna be epic! The innocent version is cool too but I feel like it’s a little too general.


  4. Thanks for this! Not so familiar with Tao (just saw him on HC based on the last recap :)) but will catch the new reality show as I would like to see how JJF and YM survive the grueling training 🙂


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