[Recap] Rookie Agent Rouge Ep.10-12



Can a young woman prove her loyalty to her country and her family? Lan Yan Zhi (Zhao Li Ying) is privileged banker’s daughter in Shanghai and a student activist who mistakenly comes into possession of a letter from the Japanese Army in 1937. She gets misunderstood for a spy by Song Mian, an upstanding officer in the Chinese Army. To prove her innocence, Yan Zhi agrees to infiltrate the home of her best friend, Feng Man Na (Tao Xin Ran), and help track down a mysterious spy.

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Episode 10-12

We start off as Manna opens the window and the stamp with Zhou Yuhao’s information gets burned a little. This raises Qing Mu’s suspicions about Zhou Yuhao. Qing Mu forces Manna to listen to all the spy information her father had gathered and she seems a bit disturbed that her dad was doing this. Casually Qing Mu inquires about how the stamp got burned and if Zhou Yuhao had anything to do with it. Manna thinks he is being ridiculous.

Song Mian is discussing with Leader Wan a plan to lure Manna by using her parent’s ashes. Leader Wan thinks they need to use Yanzhi to draw her out. Once again Song Mian convinces Yanzhi into helping them by using excuses that it is the only way to rescue Manna from the Japanese, etc. Yanzhi should know better by now.

Manna reads in the newspaper about Mother Liu’s death and is devastated that she caused Mother Liu to die. She runs away from Tokko headquarters and runs into Qing Mu.

Qing Mu is being so fake in his behavior towards Manna and talking about how a Japanese soldier would never behave wrongly towards a lady, etc. I am shocked Manna buys any of it, but I don’t think she has much a choice. Qing Mu takes Manna outside the camp and talks about how much everyone is suffering due to the war and how he wants to prevent this suffering. They drive by a lot of injured, sick, or dead citizens.

Manna stops the car to look at a girl crying over the body of her dead mother. This reminds her of when her mother died. Meanwhile, Qing Mu is trying to convince her that once Japan conquers China then everyone would be at peace and she wouldn’t see people dying on the streets.

Back at Tokko headquarters, Manna is crying alone. Zhou Yuhao walks in. She tells him that she was unable to see how Yanzhi’s evil and that Yanzhi is responsible for her parent’s death. She wants to get away from everything and Zhou Yuhao gives her an idea to escape. That night she escapes Tokko headquarters. After walking all night she ends up downtown. While walking she hears a familiar song and walks towards it.

Yanzhi and a friend are acting the play that Manna and Yanzhi were making together. Yanzhi sees Manna in the crowd and asks for forgiveness and to not join the Japanese. A spy sees Manna and informs Song Mian.


Meanwhile at Tokko headquarters,Qing Mu is furious that Manna escaped. He tells Zhou Yuhao that she knows information about her dad’s spy network and that if he can’t get her back he must kill her.

Yanzhi is backstage when Manna comes in and attacks her. She stops once Yanzhi tells her that she has her parents’ ashes. They agree to go collect them.

They go to a church. Yanzhi shows Manna her parents and Mother Liu’s ashes. While Manna is looking at them and crying, Yanzhi handcuffs her to herself. She tells her she can’t join the Japanese and that she will prove her innocence.

While they are fighting, Song Mian and his soldiers arrive. He says “well done Yanzhi”. Yanzhi is shocked to see him there so I doubt he was fully in on his plan, but once again she failed to see through his trap. Manna is enraged to be betrayed once more and attacks Yanzhi.

Manna is yelling at Song Mian to shoot her when Japanese officers and Zhou Yuhao show up and start shooting at the Song Mian and his men. One of Song Mian’s officers is killed and both Yanzhi and Manna reach for his gun. Yanzhi grabs it and points it at Manna.

Manna tells her that everything has ended and to shoot. Yanzhi yells that she must trust her. At that moment their friend grabs Feng’s ashes and runs to them but gets shot. The jar holding Feng’s ashes break.

Manna starts crying while touching his ashes on the floor. Yanzhi shoots to break their handcuffs. Zhou Yuhao makes his way to Manna.  In the confusion, Manna grabs Yanzhi’s gun, way too easy, and shoots past Yanzhi into the air. When they run outside Zhou Yuhao tells Manna to run away. Watanabe asks about Manna and he just tells him that she is alive. They get away.

Yanzhi gets scolded when she walks outside for letting Manna go.Song Mian and his men run after Watanabe and Zhou Yuhao. (What about Yanzhi’s friend who got shot?)

Meanwhile, Manna is injured and walking around. She walks into a medical facility and gets treated by Song Mian’s girlfriend. Remember they were classmates back in college.

Song Mian comes into the medical facility and notices the blood outside. He follows the blood trail to Manna but his girlfriend covers for Manna and he leaves. He tells her that Manna has already been charged with a crime. She still decides to help Manna and treats her wound.

The next morning, Yanzhi and another recruit are putting up wanted posters for Manna. Someone in the hospital recognizes Manna and she has to run away. Song Mian runs into his girlfriend, who once again lies about not seeing Manna.

Manna walks herself into the frontlines between the two sides. She breaks down and starts asking them to shoot her. Zhou Yuhao and Watanabe are driving by and get her. They take her to Tokko headquarters.

Song Mian and Yanzhi are being reprimanded by leader Wun. He blames Yanzhi for letting her go and how she will be responsible for many more deaths. Yanzhi tells him that she will join his group to right her wrongs. He tells them that they will create a new group of talented spies to prepare for Shanghai falling into Japanese hands.


Qing Mu sets up a grave for Manna’s parents and tells her they would be ashamed to not see her take revenge for them. Manna tells him that she will get revenge. He starts preparing Manna to act like Yanzhi. Some time later Manna is training to be a spy and asks Zhou Yuhao to help her.

Meanwhile Yanzhi and other new recruits are undergoing training. Song Mian is in charge of teaching them. Yanzhi is pretty good at everything. She continues to be pretty arrogant about her skills. She decides to poison Song Mian to teach him a lesson. While Song Mian is poisoned, Yanzhi makes him say “Yanzhi is beautiful, Yanzhi is amazing…” and that he loves Yanzhi. We know what you are doing Yanzhi.



Manna is training when she receives and order from Qing Mu to bring one of her dad’s spies to their side once again. She follows a spy named  Zhang Xiang codename “Shrimp”. He doesn’t want to be Japanese spy anymore, but Manna forces him by using his mother.

Yanzhi and the new recruits receive a mission to infiltrate a town under Japanese control. They are put into groups of three. Yanzhi’s team is made up of  Zhang Guosheng, Shen Lanlan, and Yanzhi. They need to find their target and take whatever they have in their hands back to Song Mian.

They look for hours but are unable to find him. After some time, Yanzhi tells them that they should eat lunch. At the restaurant they find their target and follow him to a hotel. Yanzhi pretends to be with the Japanese special forces to get the hotel owner to cooperate with them.  She sneaks into her target’s room and steals his bag. She keeps poking him while he sleeps, once she leaves the room he wakes up and shakes his head. He is obviously part of a fake mission.

As they try to leave, real Japanese officers come in. The hotel owner tries to get Yanzhi to help him since she is a “Japanese agent” and her cover is blown. She creates a diversion and they all run away.

However, in the woods they are captured and taken to a torture room. The people that capture them tell them that they will be tortured until they give up all the information they have. Yanzhi can tell this is just a farce and keeps screaming to her teammates to not say anything. Zhang Guosheng is being tortured and Shen Lanlan can’t take it anymore and says that she will talk. At that moment Song Mian walks in and screams that they are disqualified.

The next day all three teammates stand outside. From their appearances they have been standing for a long time. Song Mian walks out and tells them to leave. Yanzhi tells him that he needs them and to give them another chance.


What I like so far is that none of the main characters are good per se. Song Mian uses Yanzhi and any means required to help his cause. Same goes for Zhou Yuhao. The most innocent character was Manna, but she is changed due to her circumstances. Yanzhi is too arrogant to fully see her mistakes and she believes too much on her ability to solve things to realize that some problems can’t be solved. In her quest to save Manna and right her wrong, she ended up making everything much worse for Manna and drove her to the Japanese.

Yanzhi is still too arrogant during these episodes and doesn’t seem to learn from her mistakes. Song Mian keeps pointing to her how her arrogance will be her downfall. I hope that she starts growing up a bit. She seemed a bit uncaring towards her teammates. It was unkind how she used her Zhang Guosheng’s watch to pay for lunch when he begged her not to. She could have come up with a different way to pay or at least try.

Manna starts her dark road. You can say circumstances pushed her to this point, but in the end the decision was hers.


Expectation versus Reality

See you next time!

The next recap will cover four episodes. I am sorry that it is so slow, but there is no way I can keep up with the schedule.


24 thoughts on “[Recap] Rookie Agent Rouge Ep.10-12

  1. Thank you Maoh for the recap.. Like usual LiYing act as an arrogant, spoiled but smart young lady, she still didn’t realize she made many mistake as a spy and she surely fall in love with Song Mian or just her pride because he doesn’t fall over with her when other man does…as for Manna, I just want to kick her ass, how come you betray your country just because your parent die, too stupid..sighhh..


    1. I do think she is in love with Song Mian. She keeps seeking his approval and letting herself be manipulated by him. I think Manna made the wrong choice but she was cornered. It was a series of bad decisions and now she has no way of going back.


      1. Actually Manna have a choice to get back in the right path but just like all of you said nobody innocent here that’s why I cannot stop continue watching this drama..


  2. Thank you for the recap! My thoughts :-

    1. War sucks. Everyone is tainted and nobody is innocent. The bloodshed and lives lost.
    2. I do feel sorry for Manna – the best thing would have been for her to take the stamp book and give it to the Nationalists to prove her innocence – which I guess is what YanZhi wanted to do which is why she told her about the fireplace hiding place and not even to Song Mian. Of course Manna was not in the best of mind and it’s hard to think logically. She was however definitely consumed by hate – her parents were working for Japanese and if not for Yan Zhi, it would have been someone else. I do wonder how many Chinese did believe that by surrendering or working with the Japanese, the war would end faster and less lives would be lost.
    3. Love all the moments when Song Mian stands up for Yan Zhi – when she got yelled at for releasing Manna, when she got scolded by the big boss. He may have a girlfriend but he definitely has feelings for Yan Zhi – no way anybody can believe that it’s purely for a subordinate or an asset! I do appreciate that this being a c-drama, they did not sexualise that attraction which would have been the case in Hollywood. I mean people are in the midst of war, what libido?? Definitely makes for angst watching though!


    1. 1. Yes and I like how they don’t try to make the characters seem innocent.
      2. I feel for Manna. I don’t think she had much of a choice, she kept going with the flow at first and ended up in a corner. She didn’t want to join the Japanese but it was her only way to survive. I do think hatred affected her but seeing from her point of view, Yanzhi did betray her not once but twice. I am sure some people just wanted to surrender peacefully.
      3. I don’t think he has feelings for her yet but more like an attachment. He feels responsible for mixing her up on all of this.
      I dislike so much watching an action movie and seeing some random sex or makeout scene, cough James Bond. They have bigger issues than romance to worry about.


      1. I think she makes him uncomfortable to deal with his own feelings. That’s why she likes to tease him to elicit a reaction. The way he looks at her though – smoulder !

        Re Manna, I think Yanzhi was always going to bring her back as even before she realized that Song Mian was there, she had already handcuffed Manna. In a way, if Song Mian didn’t turn up, all of them would be dead as the Japanese were also after Manna and the instruction was to kill her if they couldn’t bring her back. I actually blame Zhou Yu Hao here because he could have tried a little harder to bring Manna back to the Chinese side. He did say to her that everyone has lost someone in the war – she is not the only person suffering – he probably thought she was too emotionally weak to divulge himself as she may probably spill the beans.

        Totally agree with you re gratuitous sex scenes in Hollywood shows which does nothing to advance the story and sometimes ruin the romance!


        1. Well I saw the next episode and Song Mian is attracted to Yanzhi, which bothers him. He sees himself as an honorable person so this would bother him. I think she was going to bring Manna back but she didn’t know Song Mian was following her. Song Mian being there made it full betrayal to Manna. Manna is emotionally weak and very easy to manipulate by both Zhou Yuhao and the Japanese. If Zhou Yuhao hadn’t wanted to infiltrate the Japanese, I don’t think she would have cooperated with them.
          The plot just got really intense.


  3. I’m caught up! lol

    A lot of things will happen in the upcoming episodes. Major changes to our YZ.

    I can’t stand MN. Even SM’s wife pointed out that she can’t use excuses to justify her actions.

    About the love line – There’s an attraction between SM and YZ; however, it has faded due to unforeseen circumstances. I’m loving YZ and ZYH. So much flirting and tension lol

    ZLY is so good in her role. I like her chemistry with the leads.


    1. I saw the next four episodes and I dislike Manna already so I can only see it getting worse. Working on the recap so I can keep watching *_*


  4. I love how we’re still shipping Yanzhi and Song Mian left and right despite the facts that he’s attached and we all know Zhou Yuhao is the end game :))). It’s like in the Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod is supposedly still married (with his wife being in another realm) but viewers ship him incessantly with Abbie — and boy, do these two have sparkling chemistry! Viewers even asked that the writers kill off his wife so they could be together… LOL, so mean! 😉

    I’m still adamant that Song Mian has been attracted to Yanzhi from their first meeting but always trying to suppress it. Yanzhi is probably intrigued by him earlier before her deeper feeling develops.

    Sigh, Manna… she’s really the victim of the war and tug of parties. She’s the weakest mentally and who could blame her for the swift of loyalty? Her world has been destroyed. Tao Xin Ran’s acting has been fantastic, I feel for Manna. I’m still very curious, though, why her parents turned to the Japanese. I don’t know if the writers will explain it later (I hope so), because it doesn’t look like it’s about money. Perhaps they are sick of the corrupt Nationalist, and they don’t like the Communist, so they collaborate with the Japanese in hoping to topple the Nationalist government?


    1. Her parents turned to the Japanese to prevent the war. They thought it would be easier just to allow Japan to take over, less people would die and the war wouldn’t last. I felt for Manna but all my pity for her is fading due to some of her actions. And yes Tai Xin Ran is doing a great job.


    2. @Miss Attaché you and I both re initial attraction! But I don’t think it was at the cruise. I think YZ was attracted to him at the cruise because he smelt of danger and all sorts of things that a student didn’t have access to. Even Manna sensed it and teased her that she was thinking of Song Mian when she seemed distracted. I think Song Mian was also intrigued and drawn to her after their second meeting in Manna’s house and it just unconsciously snowballed from there!

      @Hannah am up to Ep 29 and I am still not sure the attraction has faded but rather just set aside by both sides. I do think that ZYH is attracted to YZ but not sure that it’s reciprocal!


      1. @Lizzie There will be more development for YZ and ZYH. Yes, he’s more attracted to her, but YZ will get to know him better in the next few episodes.

        I think the attraction between YZ and SM has faded since their assignments are different now. She disagreed with some of his actions, which pulled them apart. Also, when you have someone like ZYH helping you out like that, how can YZ turn him down? lol

        I actually prefer ZYH. Maybe because SM already has a wife, so it’s kinda weird. Not to mention his wife and YZ are close friends!


        1. No arguments there re how to be oblivious to someone like ZYH helping you out! 🙂

          Trying not to spoil for @fireflymaoh so will save detailed analysis for later recaps to discuss with you 🙂 I do agree that ZLY is doing very well here – her interactions with both SM and ZYH are well done. And as @fireflymaoh said before, we are in a war people , romance is not the prority ! LOL.


            1. Yes! Totally agree. And I must say all the leads carry it off except for Manna who is obviously carrying a torch for ZYH. He is really quite mean to her I feel 😦


    3. @fireflymaoh @lizzieyen Thanks re Manna’s parents! I’m actually quite skeptical about Manna’s father being bought/lured by Japan’s Pan-Asianism ambition, even if he studied there. Until the 19th century, China was the region’s superpower, and IMO most of Chinese would’ve not been appealed by the idea of being occupied by another country, especially those that had been its sphere of influence. But I admit I don’t know much about the psychological nature during that time :). Preventing the war was suggested by Qing Mu, definitely to convince Manna, seeing her reluctance to fully side with the Japanese. I might be wrong, though.

      I actually agree with lizzie that the attraction between YZ and SM is not faded, but more likely put aside because they are focusing on the works. I can see that YZ’s disappointment towards SM greatly affects her view and feelings for him. And while SM cares a lot about YZ, he puts his country’s interest (or so he thinks) first and foremost.

      Zhou Yuhao has been attracted to YZ, and I think he’s piqued her interest in their first encounter, though she in the time being still considers him a Japanese mole/traitor. I do think that although he’s definitely using Manna, he also cares about her. He’s walking in the thin line here.


      1. There was one scene where Manna is talking with them about their loyalty to their country. They tell her that there are different ways to love your country and they kind of hint at the peace/antiwar. I also don’t see how they could betray their country like that, but I am a big pusher for independence and sovereignty. I guess they just thought that their chances were hopeless and they wanted to make it easier for Japan to take over so less people would die.


  5. @Miss Attache re Manna’s parents I think her dad studied in Japan before the war (like many Chinese that time) and probably also bought into the belief if one big Asian empire led by Japan. Am sure the money helps too!


  6. @Lizzie

    ZYH had tried to help MN, but her hatred has overtaken her. He was mean for using her at first, but he tried to guide her to the right path. You can see his guilt. He said something that really reflects their relationship. He has helped a lot of ppl, but he can’t help her anymore.

    I like how YZ flirts with ZYH, and he responds it it lol He also likes that she loves to look pretty. Haha


    1. @ Hannah yeah ZYH is well versed in the art of flirting 🙂 I think he is attracted to her courage and ability to remain calm and optically flippant in the face of danger – the fact that she still takes effort to look pretty helps too 🙂 He is still a man after all! Probably not a spoiler as @fireflymaoh will see this in episode 17/18 but their repartee in the cafe probably bowled him over!


  7. @Lizzie

    ZYH had tried to help MN, but her hatred has overtaken her. He was mean for using her at first, but he tried to guide her to the right path. You can see his guilt. He said something that really reflects their relationship. He has helped a lot of ppl, but he can’t help her anymore.

    I like how YZ flirts with ZYH, and he responds it it lol He also likes that she loves to look pretty. Haha


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