NEWS: Sun Yang’s son, Jane Zhang’s scandal, Zhao Liying on the Jinxing Show

EVERYONE, Sun Yang has a 2 year-old son (born in 2013). His ex-girlfriend has been raising the child as a single mother. She found out she was pregnant when they broke up, and decided to keep the child. Li Ying Nian is her name (born in 1986 so 5 years older than Sun Yang). Now, she works in the film industry and is no longer a flight attendant. Although this news hasn’t been confirmed yet, the news sources are pretty reliable and his mother has been photographed with the young child at a park. His mother also gave Li Ying Nian a villa as compensation.


Sun Yang was last spotted at the Beijing Airport with Huang Zitao

Jane Zhang’s upcoming wedding is becoming almost a joke on Weibo. The recent update is that her boyfriend of 12 years, Fang Ke, has been accused of cheating on her. First, her mother posted a long letter expressing her opposition to her daughter’s marriage to Fang Ke. Reasons she gave for her objection are: Fang Ke’s unclean life, Fang Ke lying to her daughter and making her the third wheel in a relationship (he is still in the process of divorcing his current wife). NOTE: Their wedding is supposed to take place in November (in Italy) and they’ve announced that it will still happen. Her mother says that Fang Ke only wants to marry Jane Zhang because he wants control of her assets, and not because he loves her. As her manager, his source of income does already come from her. Plus, Fang Ke owns houses in the U.S. that are only under his name. UPDATE: Her mother withdrew her lawsuit against Fang Ke for fraud


Jane Zhang responded that she would take care of her own matters.

Fang Ke also responded on Weibo, saying that he would love and cherish Jane Zhang as long as he lived and that all of his assets would be transferred over to her after marriage.

At a music event in Chengdu, Jane Zhang appeared with Fang Ke and cried repeatedly

Then, a netizen stepped forward to say that Fang Ke has been cheating on Jane Zhang with a student that was previously Jane’s fan. This person also posted on Weibo and said that he saw Fang Ke enter and leave a hotel with the student and that Fang Ke bought a cat for the student. Fang Ke also attended the student’s graduation ceremony. There are claims that Fang Ke intended to fly to Da Li while Jane Zhang was performing in Hunan because that student was in Da Li. Also, Fang Ke flew from Beijing to Guangzhou to celebrate that student’s birthday. All of this is confirmed by multiple sources.

In happier news, Zhao Li Ying’s interview on the Jinxing Show has been released (on October 12th). This is the full show. Unfortunately, no English subs yet. But, when there are subs, I’ll update this post!




21 thoughts on “NEWS: Sun Yang’s son, Jane Zhang’s scandal, Zhao Liying on the Jinxing Show

  1. :O… Poor Jane Zhang, this is so unfortunate. Even if he didn’t cheat, she should call the wedding off and slowly build their relationship again.

    I am surprised Sun Yang is making so much money, I heard athletes aren’t paid as much as back in 2008. The kid looks adorable but I am surprised by such a long relationship, I still think he is everyone’s :PP


    1. It’s so sad… Especially seeing as she proposed to him first and he hesitated 😐

      I don’t know how much Sun Yang is making, but he might have earned a lot from endorsements and shows. I’m not sure how long they dated for, but I am surprised too (that he had a child and hid it for so long!)


  2. Even if he did cheat, I don’t know why her mom had to put her on the spot like that. Those personal issues are better resolved privately. She is probably double thinking all her actions right now. Better to postpone the wedding.
    I don’t think ZLY’s interview will get subbed. I hope ZLY will take a break soon and meet her perfect guy.


    1. It is a very uncomfortable situation. I’m thinking that her mom couldn’t reason with her in private, and posted the letter on Weibo as a last resort?

      Who knows… maybe ZLY already met her dream man or may meet him on set?!


      1. yeah but bringing your daughters’ problems to the public is never a good idea.
        About ZLY maybe ^^ but on the preview she said one of her requirements was not a peer and since she is working so much, it makes it hard.


        1. I don’t think so either, but at least her mother withdrew her lawsuit against Fang Ke. Still, Fang Ke has yet to divorce his current wife. Yet, they announced they’re still going ahead with the wedding. It’s just ludicrous to me tbh

          That would be hard, but I’m not worried for her if she isn’t. When she meets the right person, I’ll be happy for her though!


            1. She has been denying it for months now. She is usually pretty honest in her answers, so I think it was all blown up by the media. I wouldn’t be surprised since they tend to blow up the smallest things to say celebrities are dating.


          1. Yeah, saw that in the interview! She denied it and didn’t add any explanation.. :/ Dunno if she is honest or not, but my guess is that they probably broke up recently.. Oh well, girl, as long as you are happy! ❤


            1. She denied it on a Chusen interview and said they were friends. I am guessing they either broke up or they never really dated. They could have been in the early stages of a relationship and all the media attention probably ruined it or they were just friends.
              I also hope she is happy and she really needs a break to take time for herself.


  3. Thanks for translating the news! I was picking up bits and pieces of it only.
    Just watched ZLY’s interview! She’s super adorable here and love her outfit. Too bad she doesn’t look that comfortable with the host lady yet if not I think they can definitely have a good conversation.


  4. So sad that even Jin Xing also said that LY lost a lot of weight but she is so adorable that she command the crew to bring her pillows for LY to sit comfortably at the famous sofa 😀
    And LY said her ideal man is someone whose height is more than 180 and handsome, hmmm I know a lot of celebrity match this criteria but certain someone *cough* *Fo Ye* *cough* also matched this 😛 and I can’t help but laugh when Jin Xing ask LY what if the man is way older than LY, and LY ask how old are we talking about here?
    JX : 10 years older
    LY : as long as he is handsome it’s ok
    JX : 20 years older
    LY : my dad won’t approve LOL
    (just kick the zero, and it match certain someone age 😀 sorry can’t help fangirling them here)


      1. I didn’t catch the name of the other guy, thank you for mentioning it. That’s way JX and the male host busy discussing Ning ZeTao height LOL :
        Male Host : I think he is 1.9
        JX : I think he at least 1.87
        LY : really?
        JX : someone please introduce this guy to LY?
        I think the conversations went like that? LOL

        It will be funny if it really happen, like you said. But, poor Fo Ye hahaha. I was hoping that WC will be at the Golden Eagle Award, but I think he went to Phuket promoting LJM instead?


  5. That news about Sun Yang does surprise me, but it doesn’t look like he is trying to hide it that much. Maybe he just doesn’t want to go mainstream public about it. Either way, at least he seems to take a bit of the responsibility….


    1. It seems that the ex and son is taken care of, so that’s at least good 🙂 I was so surprised… esp that no one found out for so long


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