Magazine Update: Yang Yang, Shawn Yue, Jin Tian, Yao Xintong, Li Genxin, Shu Qi and Li Yifeng

The latest magazine update with some of the hottest celebrities to cover the October issue of magazines in China. This update is mainly just pretty pictures of pretty people. Scroll through them and see who’s your favorite and/or which style you like best!!

Yang Yang for Lifestyle Magazine. Lol at the caption “Let me be the winner of your heart” Well, I think he already is for a lot of people but this might just capture a few more.

Yao XingTong on 《时尚先生 Esquire》 Magazine. She is so white in these pictures! Very boss-lady like also.

Shawn Yue for Madame Figaro Magazine. I haven’t seen many Chinese celebrity with tattoos like his but he pulled them off really well.

Shu Qi poses for Vogue Magazine. Talk about charisma and her hairstyle! Not any woman can pull off that messy-just-got-out-of-bed short hair like that.

Li  Genxin for 《时尚先生Esquire》. Here’s the male version of messy-just-got-out-of-bed hair do.

Jin Tian on Haper’s Bazzar. She looks so sweet and innocent here.

If you haven’t gotten enough of Yang Yang, here’s more of him on Men’s Uno Magazine.

Li Yifeng “Forever Man” on Harper’s Bazaar for jewelry advertisement. Is it just me or does he also have that same confused face as Xiaofan from Legend of Chusen!!!? It’s like he’s thinking: “Hm…should I buy it or no…”

And then we have his black and white version. Which looks sooooooooo much better!!! He ditched the confusion and went for the I’ve-decided-that-I’ll-buy-it look!

I personally like Shawn Yue’s style. All the black and white pictures are my favorites! But this bottom one especially!!


9 thoughts on “Magazine Update: Yang Yang, Shawn Yue, Jin Tian, Yao Xintong, Li Genxin, Shu Qi and Li Yifeng

  1. When I first saw those LYF pictures I was like he is doing his XiaoFan confused look. So we were thinking the same lol. I also liked his black and white photos better. WC, LYF, and YY have been putting out photoshoots like crazy.


  2. I can never get enough of Yang Yang. Just too much hottness to handle!


  3. I liked Jing Tian. She is beautiful and quite likeable.


  4. Great photos!

    The post is lacking Kris though which is weird since he has 5 magazine covers this month lol.


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