Drama Update: The Great Expectations, The Escape, Let’s Fall in Love, and Martial Universe.

The Great Expectations starring Cheng Sicheng, Yuan Hong, Cheng Hao and many other veteran actors. This will be a male dominated drama with the possibility of minor female characters.


The Escapee《脱身者》will mark the return of Chen Kun to dramaland! It has been almost 7 years since he last filmed any drama! His last one was back in 2009 according to Wikipedia. This will be a spy drama. It is said that the writer took 9 years to perfect this script and that attracted his return to the small screen.



Let’s Fall in Love (咱们相爱吧), the sister drama of Let’s get married (咋们结婚吧), starring Yuan Hong, Zhang Xinyi, Zhang Jingchu, and Qin Lan。 The drama will focus on the three female leads as they find love in their life. It is said to air sometime in November.

Martial Universe announced Zhang TianAi as the female lead coupled with Yang Yang as the male lead! They look good together already!



12 thoughts on “Drama Update: The Great Expectations, The Escape, Let’s Fall in Love, and Martial Universe.

  1. Good morning! So nice to wake up to photos of good looking men 🙂 Am a fan of a chen Si Cheng so will definitely check that out. Not sure how there can be Great Expectstions without Estella or Miss Havisham though – they were pivotal to the story!!


    1. Lol! So weird that its’ morning where you’re at but night time here…
      Hm..you’re about the female leads. I didn’t even think about that. Maybe it’s not the great expectations by Charles Dickens. I saw the translation and just assumed.


      1. 🙂 The power of the internet!

        I think it is the Great Expectations by Charles Dickens – the font looks Art Deco. Hopefully it will give us all a good surprise!


        1. Indeed! How will we all live without it….
          I’m really looking forward to this drama. Not much info on it yet. It does seem like the Charles Dickens one. But the article said something about Cheng Sicheng and Yuan Hong forming a CP. Lol. with my limited Chinese, I’m not sure if that was a joke or real. Oh and the female characters are to be announced.


  2. I am now interested in Martial Universe. I’ve like Crystal Zhang since Go Princess Go. I read the description of the drama and this title really doesn’t fit. Martial Universe makes it seem like aliens and space fighting, etc.


      1. Lol! I thought it was an alien invasion drama too at first!
        Thanks! Pictures nowaday are just HD in general. You can literally see the pores on their face.


        1. lol yeah but I really like your pics. I think they should come up with a new name that better represents the drama. As long as they don’t stick “Legend of…” it will be better.


          1. Lol. The legend of…the journey of…There are so many of that! C-ent need to hire someone to come up with English names for them.


  3. Where to watch Lets Fall In Love with english subtitles ? I’ve been searching it everywhere but cant find one with english subtitles !


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