Entertainment Update: 51st Golden Bell Award, Customize Happiness and Fighter of Destiny Poster Stills.

  • Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming on vacation. Huang Xiaoming admitted to Angelababy’s pregnancy by posting on Weibo “three people on vacation. There’ll be more in the future. Thank you.” Angelababy’s baby bump is starting to show.

  • Yang Mi for OK Magazine.


  • Fang BingBing posing with a tennis racket.

  • William Chan poses for 星速客 Xing Su Ke SHOOT.

  • Guli Naja for L’OFFICIEL Magazine

  • 51st Golden Bell Award (金鐘獎) was held on October 8th in Taiwan. It is the first television production award in Chinese circulation, founded in 1965, and Taiwan’s equivalent to the Emmy Awards. Attendees include Peter Ho, Ruco Chan, Korean star Kim Jong Kook, and many more.

(Ko Jia Yen and Wu Kang Ren took home Best actress and actor for the drama Marry or Not and A Touch of Green)

Boyband 5566 also reunited for the performance at the award.

  • When a Snail Falls in Love starring Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen announced official release date. October 24th!!

  • Customize Happiness starring Kimi Qiao and Tong Yao to air on October 14th.

  • The Mystical Nine Movie starring the same cast as the drama with Zhang Yixing as Er Ye and the same actor for Cheng Pi and Lieutenant Zhang. The movie is to be aired October 20th.

  • The Great Wall starring Matt Damon, Jing Tian, Wang Jun Kai, Andy Lau, and Pedro Pascal. This is a Chinese-American film that will be released on December 16th in China and sometime in February 2017 in the US.

  • More behind the scene pictures of Ode to Joy 2 as it continues filming

Wang Kai’s Weibo update for Ode to Joy 2: “Look forward to Dr. Zhao!”

  • The Legend of Jade Sword starring Hawick Lau, Wang Ou, and David Chen started filming.

  • Legend of Ru Yi starring Wallace Huo and Zhou Xun dropped stills.

  • Fighter of the Destiny poster stills


7 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: 51st Golden Bell Award, Customize Happiness and Fighter of Destiny Poster Stills.

  1. Yay, another Entertainment Update! I finally realized that The Great Wall is a monster movie and not a historical film. Duh, I really should pay attention to these trailers. I normally don’t like guys in glasses but William still looks so sauve. Swoon! Hawick looks young for his age but he’s too old to be playing these roles.


  2. Thanks for the update! I am glad they admitted she is pregnant, all the couples that got married recently are expecting babies. We are just missing ShiShi and Nicky.
    Is the Mystic Nine special going to be a movie released in theaters or online?


    1. First Ruby Lin now Angelababy. Any day now Shishi is gonna announce that she’s pregnant as well! hahaha and then the dad can be on Dad Where are you going together! =D =D
      Not sure if it’s gonna be theater first or online first. My chinese level = reading dates and basic words. But for sure eventually it’s gonna be released online.


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