[Anticipation Post] Takes a Real Man

It looks like some people are also interested in this reality show. So, I decided to make an anticipation post for it! This is an interesting show because it’s a collaboration between Hunan TV and the People’s Liberation Army August First Film Studio. EDIT – new trailer


Takes a Real Man is airing October 21st

Individual trailers have been released. I was only able to find 6 of the 8 trailers. Only Huang Zitao’s trailer is subbed (thanks to International fans). If I find the rest, I’ll add it to the post.

On October 18th, Yang Mi and Huang Zitao will appear on Happy Camp to promote Takes A Real Man 2. When that happens, I’ll update the post!

Yang Mi’s trailer

Huang Zitao’s trailer

Tong Li Ya’s trailer

Sun Yang’s trailer

Jiang Jinfu’s trailer: http://www.miaopai.com/show/QSm02l~3N~C5nubsyzWh8A__.html

Shen Meng Chen’s trailer: http://weibo.com/p/23044481e18f5c9ca4a8eaae96ad70d8786312



Li Rui

Zhang Lanxin

Shen Meng Chen (with Tong Li Ya in the second picture)

Jiang Jinfu



Tong Li Ya



Sun Yang



Yang Mi


Huang Zitao





Just in case anyone’s curious about Baidu rankings… I’m ending the post with the top 10 rankings of female celebrities and male celebrities (for the past week)!


3 thoughts on “[Anticipation Post] Takes a Real Man

  1. Sun Yang looks so upright in this trailer xD I hope the show will be funnier than the trailer, but they all look so gorgeous ><~~~


  2. He does! It is his first time recording a full show, but hopefully, he loosens up. I think the dynamics are good!! They all look great. Also, Tao is so entertaining, and he’s close with Yang Mi, so it should be a fun show. If not, I’m betting on Hunan TV to edit it to make it good (hopefully)


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