[Recap] Happy Camp with Angelababy, Huang Zitao, Jing Boran, Zhang Yi Shan, Wu Qian, and Tang Song Yun

I don’t have much time to watch full dramas, so I thought I would recap this episode(s) of Happy Camp (because I watched it + it has some popular C-stars). Note: This episode(s?) has been re-broadcast already since it was released in August… Technically, it’s the same guests, but it is actually one and a half episodes that aired in consecutive weeks


The first two videos/episodes are the same (one was broadcast on October 8th and the other on August 13th):

Continuation where Huang Xiaoming also appears (broadcast on August 20th)

The premise is that the girls (including Xie Na and Wu Xin) will judge which guy is “interesting”. Each guy who appears will perform something and if they receive enough flowers, they can sit on the sofa. If not, they are resigned to sitting on a metal rod.


Huang Zitao appears first and sings his song, Adore. The “judges” thought it wasn’t so much interesting as “professional” and “acting cool” + that they’d want to hear more because that was too short.

Then, Zhang Yi Shan tries a magic trick on Wu Xin (which fails). Xie Na teases him and tells producers to edit the failed attempts, but they didn’t do that. They’re both relegated to sitting on the metal rod.

Jing Boran impresses with riddles and sits comfortably on the sofa.

Huang Zitao and Zhang Yi Shan have to battle it out for a seat on the sofa.

He Jiong (the main host) suggests that since they both have a martial arts background, they should use martial arts in their battle. From the looks of it, they are friendly and Tao jokes that since Zhang Yi Shan is older, he should go first. They take turns doing moves that the other can’t


Next, the hosts and guests partner up to do “表情包” aka memes!

Angelababy and Jing Boran are partners (if anyone knows the appropriate Chinese translation, please comment)c100006babcc43371bf

Zhang Yi Shan and Wu Qian are partners (if anyone knows the appropriate Chinese translation, please comment)c13000753726a987ad4

He Jiong and Xie Na are partners (feeling that your body is hallow?). Xie Na wanted to do a practice round before pairing with Huang Zitao


Huang Zitao and Xie Na (balala little fairies LOL)


Then, they did karaoke

Zhang Yi Shan and Huang Zitao both performed acapella. Zhang Yi Shan sang 那就這樣吧 (thanks Archidisign). Huang Zitao sang a melody he made up on the spot, and then Xie Na added words to it (made it a parody song about the Happy Camp hosts, but Tao said that he will work on the song and release it)

They ended this episode with water games where each team has to send one person at a time. The two representatives from the two teams must try to get the person sent by the other team off the mat. Eventually, the last remaining person wins the game for his/her team.


The next episode starts off with a performance of Black and White (AB), the latest single from Huang Zitao

Then, it showed Weijia and Haitao trying to impress the “judges”. They are both relegated to sitting on the metal rod (seems like they cut out their scenes from the last episode, but used these scenes to fill this episode)

After that, everyone plays a game where each person is assigned a monetary value. The host (He Jiong) calls out a random number, participants must find and embrace each other to assemble the correct value to win.


Then, the host says that as celebrities, they must be prepared to answer questions at any time… so how about playing ping pong while answering questions?! Angelababy fields questions about Huang Xiaoming, Jing Boran also answers some standard questions, but I found that Tao’s part was the funniest.



Weijia asks him if he likes to date younger or older women (he’s 23). He said, he prefers dating older women and he can accept an age gap of 7 years. When Weijia asks what he’s up to lately, Tao says he has been filming A Chinese Odyssey. So, Weijia inquires… how is filming going? Tao replies that he’s a “natural talent” (the director told him). Weijia just goes… oh really? You think so? He Jiong nudges him and tells that, you can’t say that. So, Weijia goes, “I get it!”. It’s also funny when Weijia asks Tao if he can bring him along to Fashion Week runway shows (since Tao said he is going to continue to attend)

This episode ends with a game where everyone wore a onesie. They have to contort their bodies to create a 3D version of Chinese characters. One member must guess the character. The team with the most correct wins. Two groups were created: the blue team (Tang Song Yun, Li Weijia, Zhang Yi Shan, and Huang Zitao), and the red team (Angelababy, Wu Qian, Jing Boran, and Du Haitao)

I’m going to end this post with Tao’s Happy Camp Secret Garden interview (thought it was funny esp. when Angelababy says “this is why you’re single”)


5 thoughts on “[Recap] Happy Camp with Angelababy, Huang Zitao, Jing Boran, Zhang Yi Shan, Wu Qian, and Tang Song Yun

  1. OMG, you are a mind reader! I wanted to write a recap for these when they got released, but never got time for it. They were my fave HC episodes of the year!
    Zhang Yishan is my fave actor of the year. I loved the movie of Love O2O and I just rediscovered Tao for his entertainment value in this. The show down betwwen Yishan and Tao was the best for me. Thanks for the recap and letting me revive these glorious episodes.
    Also, the song Zhang Yishan sang was 那就這樣吧, which is really good! ^^


    1. Haha I wanted to write about it earlier, but never had the time to! They are my favourite HC episodes too 🙂 I LOVED the showdown between ZYS and Tao ❤ they're both so good!

      Tbh, I still haven't watched anything with Zhang Yishan, but maybe when I have some time… I still need to watch Love 020 too. Thanks for the song title, I'll edit the post 🙂


      1. Zhang Yishan is a great actor in Yu Zui if you have the chance (not sure if there is eng sub though). He doesn’t have many projects right now, but for sure he will start getting busy now that he is under the spotlight ^^
        Definitely check out Love O2O first though as it is a viewer friendly show and has eng sub 😀


        1. I actually did check out Love 020 (the drama), but Zheng Shuang’s facial expressions is really a turn-off for me. I can’t stand her acting so I stopped watching that 😦

          I do love Yang Yang though, so I’m definitely looking forward to his drama with Zhang Tian Ai


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