[Review/Recap] Legend of Chusen Episode 39-42

# of episodes: 55

Chinese name: 青云志

You can watch the raw version here.

Episode 39-40

The story continues with Qin Wuyan torturing Sam Nian to find out where Xuan Huo Jian is. (Just when I start to like the guy a little….He does these evil things again!) She wouldn’t tell him anything. Biyao was on the side watching the whole scene.

Shitou came to save Xiaofan and Xueqi. The guy bought Sam Nian in and she told Xiaofan to find the antidote to the poison in her inn so that him and Xueqi can get their power back and fight.

Xiaofan was searching the inn when Biyao came in! Biyao had the antidote already. She wanted him to fight her for real.

When Xiaofan was trying to snatch the antidote, Biyao ran away to the well outside the city. She used the antidote to cure Xiaofan’s poison so that he can fight her.

However, Xiaofan just wanted to convince her that he wouldn’t harm her. But even with the flashbacks that she was having, she still didn’t want to trust Xiaofan yet. So they started fighting and Xiaofan knocked her out and took the antidote.

Xiaofan went back to the village to save Xueqi. Qin Wuyan told him that if he had poisoned Xueqi and if Xiaofan wanted to save her, he would need to bring Xuan Huo Jian in exchange for antidote. And just like that, he let everyone go.

Xiaofan and Xueqi wanted Sam Nian to tell them where Xuan Huo Jian is but she wouldn’t.

Biyao came looking for Xueqi. Xueqi asked her how can she treats Xiaofan, who saved her so many times, this way. Biyao wanted to know more but Xueqi wouldn’t tell and they started fighting.

Xiaofan stopped the fight and knocked Biyao out..again! (for a stronger fighter…Biyao gets knocked out waaaaaaay to easily). While Biyao was pretending to be unconscious, she over heard Xiaofan talking to Xueqi and telling Xueqi that Biyao is still the kind-hearted even if she lost her memory.

When Biyao woke up, Xiaofan and her started talking about her memories and how did she forget everything. She still doesn’t remember but she kinda believe that he is not as bad as Qin Wuyan made it out to be.

Shitou and Xiaofan set up a plan to get the antidotes for the guy to cure all the villagers. Shitou lured the guy into the village and ganged up on him. They got the antidote and cured all the fox demons in the village.

At that time, Xiao Qi also showed up and Sam Nian decided to lead them to the cave where Shushu, Xiaohuan, and the Xuan Huo Jian is.

On the way, Qin Wuyan was following them and everyone started fighting.

Biyao came out to stop the fight and demanded that Qin Wuyan give Xiaofan the antidote to Xueqi’s poison. (too many poisons in these few episodes). She told Qin Wuyan that she will find Xuan Huo Jian her own way.

Biyao was following Xiaofan and Xueqi to find Xuan Huo Jian. Xiaofan told her that her that her real motive is not Xuan Huo Jian but to remember what she forgot. Maybe it was better that she had forgotten and that she should go back to her dad.

Back at the inn, Li Xuan met up with his shimei and they started attacking Xiao Qi. He ran away and led them straight to the cave where Liu Wei and Shushu were being held captive.

The fight continued with Li Xuan wanting to attack Xiao Qi and Xiaofan wanting to protect him. Biyao flew in right in the midst of the fight and walked straight into the cave. (hahaha too cool of her)

Once everyone was in the cave they got attacked by puffs of fire. (Because Liu Wei was loosing control and Xuan Huo Jian was emitting energy)

Xiaofan and Biyao got separated from Xueqi. Biyao all of a sudden pull out her knife and pointed at Xiaofan’s back. But he didn’t seem to care at all. His attitude was like…this again? hahaha. She said that they are enemy and he should be more wary. He just laughed and played along.

While Biyao and Xiaofan were walking, another puff of fire came thru and Xiaofan immediate blocked it in front of Biyao. She used Xian Xin Hua to protect Xiaofan. Biyao told him to stop putting himself in danger like that.

Deeper inside the cave, Sam Nian and Xiao Qi found their way to where Liu Wei is. While he was loosing control, Shushu was trying to help him. Sam Nian came and joined the aide. Liu Wei calmed down but told Sam Nian to kill him if he loses control again.

Sam Nian call upon a water snake for help.

Back to Xiaofan and Biyao, another fireball was attacking them and Xiaofan immediately defended Biyao again! During that time, she kept having flashbacks of her past. And it seems like the container that holds her memory was cracking (Well…it’s been cracking)

Together they blasted the fireball away and continue walking into a part of the cave. Right then the water snake showed up!

Episode 41-42

As the water snake was about to attack Xiaofan and Biyao, Xueqi came to defend them. At that moment, Sam Nian also came to neutralize the attack. Sam Nian sent the water snake away.

Sam Nian brought them to where Liu Wei is and asked Xiaofan to save him. Biyao told them the behind story of Xuan Huo Jian and how it was used to seal away the Demon Beast once but got polluted in the process. Now whoever comes into contract with it will be cursed with xinmo (demon heart). In order to save him, they will have to rid of his xinmo.

Xiaohuan said that she can send Xiaofan into Liu Wei’s memory to help him get rid of xinmo. During the process, Biyao also snucked into the memory. Xiaofan and Biyao got thrown into Liu Wei’s memory to when he was trying to steal Xuan Huo Jian at Feng Shang Gu.

Back at the cave, Li Xuan and his shimei were still looking for Xuan Huo Jian. Their Shishu also came and the three was fighting the water snake while trying to find Xuan Huo Jian.

Sam Nian begged Xiaohuan to send her into the memory too and so she did. Inside the memory, Xiaofan, Biyao, and Sam Nian met up with Liu Wei and tried to convince him not to steal Xuan Huo Jia.

However, Liu Wei didn’t want to listen as he was so close to stealing Xuan Huo Jian and saving his mother. So he broke in and tried to steal Xuan Huo Jian. He successfully took Xuan Huo Jian but released the Demon Beast that had been sealed by it.

Together Xiaofan and Biyao fought the Demon Beast and pushed it back to the bottom of the fire pit.

With that, they successfully defeated Liu Wei’s xinmo and returned to reality. But, Liu Wei was too injured to recover and slowly passed away.

At that time, Li Xuan, his shimei and shifu broke through the seal and into the hidden spot where Xiaofan and them were. Everyone started fighting again but then lava starting erupting and the cave started caving in.

While Xiaofan was trying to protec Biyao, she started remembering her past. Then the bottle that held her memories cracked and everything came back to her!

During that chaos, Sam Nian used her life force to save Liu Wei.

Liu Wei woke up and realized what Sam Nian did and felt regrets, sadness, and guilt all mixed together. He used his last bit of energy to send Xiaofan and them out of the cave just as it was caving in.

Xiaofan and them landed outside in the dessert. (Piled up under the sand for some odd reason…)

Xiaofan brought some buns for Biyao and she started remember how he’s always feeding her. =D They started talking about the past and all the good memories they had. Biyao also told him about them meeting when they were young back at the cave. Biyao started falling asleep on Xiaofan’s shoulder.

Xueqi asked Xiaofan when is he going to go back to Qinyun with her. She knows that Xuan Huo Jian is with him but she doesn’t care about it much. He showed her the letter that told him not to go back to Qinyun yet and he will not be going back.

Xiaofan came to the well to say farewell to Biyao. Biyao told him to not go back to Qinyun and leave with her. (SAY YES!!) but of course he said no…. He can give up Qinyun and his village’s revenge but he can’t leave knowing that the world might be in danger because of the demon beast again..

Disappointed, Biyao started walking away. At the time, the well, that is said to show the future, started to light up. In the well, Xiaofan saw himself injured and the head of Qinyun killing Biyao!!

Biyao asked him what he saw. He didn’t say anything and just pulled her in for a hug.

Li Xuan came demanding Xuan Huo Jian. Xiaofan came to stop the fight and asked for 3 days time for them to give him the Xuan Huo Jian.

During that time, Xiao Qi was about kill Luoye (the sand bandit) but got tricked into letting him go and got held hostage. Luoye and Li Xuan came up with a plan to use Xiao Qi to force Xiaofan to give up Xuan Huo Jian.

Right when Xiaofan was about to give Li Xuan Xuan Huo Jian, Luoye caught it. It was too hot for him to handle and he blew up instead.

Xuan Huo Jian flew up and Biyao caught it. She gave it back to Xiaofan but he told her since she caught it, she should keep it. Biyao looked sad and left. Xiaofan announced that he will go back to Qinyun.

Everyone said bye and take care to one another. (Seems like Xiaofan want to go back and clear up what he saw in the well.)

Chexmixing: 13 more episodes to go!!! Interesting how the story moves so quickly in the beginning and now it’s just dragging. It literally took Biyao 7 episodes to remember Xiaofan again!! This drama has been a looooong ride but we are finally at the climax! Can’t wait to see how it’ll play out and roll into the part 2 portion.


Episode 43 Trailer: Biyao and Qin Wuyan’s conversation.

Episode 44 Trailer: Biyao uses Xuan Huo Jian to save Xiaofan.

Saw this game trailer to the drama where Biyao sacrifice herself to save Xiaofan. It looks pretty cool!! I hope the drama is gonna have similar CGI affects.


9 thoughts on “[Review/Recap] Legend of Chusen Episode 39-42

    1. Mr poison as in Qin Wuyan?
      He’s still with the poison sect. He is just allying with ghost sect because his shifu want to work with ghost sect to revive the demon beast.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Thank you @Chexmixing for the recap.
    I hope Xiaofan & Biyao will have more lovable moment together before Biyao is in coma (hard to believe that she will not wake up forever).


  2. I was waiting for you to post this ❤ Thank you!
    I loved when they were outside the cave and BiYao held XiaoFan's hand, he was confused at first (as usual) but he squeezed her hand right back ❤ Also, that part where she fell asleep on his shoulder, and he mentioned the previous time she did that, didn't he say something about not wanting that moment to end?
    Agree that the story does drag a lot, everything takes way too long. Also, all these girls keep sacrificing themselves for the guy they like. And XiaoFan and Biyao always get to see it. The drama is constantly foreshadowing what we know will happen.


    1. hahah No problem. Been a little busy with work and watching Ode 2 Joy (that drama is addicting!!). I love that Xiaofan is finally showing some affections for Biyao.
      Yup he did say that and later at the well he also said he would run away with her if not the safety of the world…(Why do the safety of the world always have to fall on our main leads… =(
      I’m so looking forward to Biyao’s sacrifice but sad at the same time because then she won’t be there anymore…ooh the dilemma.


      1. God. I don’t think I wanna see Li Yifen’s reaction to Biyao’s death. Given his little expressions in the last 42 episodes of the drama…I can already picture what his facial expression will be like…


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