Entertainment Update: Paris Fashion Week, Li Yi Feng and William Chan, Filming BTS


The Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear which runs from September 27th to October 5th as part of the global “Big 4” fashion weeks continues!!

Crystal Zhang looking super pretty during Paris fashion week



NiNi simply elegant

Fan BingBing stunning as always.


Liu Tao. Super cool in fashion and pose!

Myolie Wu.

William Chan for Grazia Magazine

Li Yi Feng for OK! Instyle

William Chan and Li Yi Feng went on a trip together to Japan. I have a feeling they are going to be the next Wallace and HuGe in the bromance department.

I do feel for XinYue and BiYao, but at least they have each other 🙂


Update: Li Yi Feng also posted a picture on his IG. If you want to follow him: https://www.instagram.com/evanyifenglee/

 Some of his posts are in English, which was a big surprise.

Feng Shao Feng and Lin Yun were spotted shopping for food.

Zhang Han celebrated turning 32 with fans. Nazha wished him a happy birthday and shared some cute pictures.

Zhao Liying sent him a birthday message. They worked together in Boss & Me.

Zhang Yixing/Lay‘s birthday was also this week. He celebrated by releasing a song.

Wang Kai filming for Ode to Joy 2

Filming continues for Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace with Wallace Huo and Zhou Xun

Princess Agents (with Zhao Liying and Lin Geng Xin) started filming their big battle scenes. Shooting is so intense that Zhao Liying had to cancel most of her schedule for October.


There wasn’t a lot going on this week. The Golden Eagle Arts Festival, which is held every two years, will take place October 16th. Some celebrities that are rumoured to attend are HuGe, Wang Kai, Liu Tao, Zhao Liying, Li Yi Feng, Tong LiYa, Luhan, Wu YiFan,TFBOYS, Zhang Han, Nazha, Tan Yang, Wallace Huo, William Chan, Zheng Shuang, Yang Mi and other big names in the business. He Jiong and a mystery guest will host the show.


24 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Paris Fashion Week, Li Yi Feng and William Chan, Filming BTS

  1. Great job putting this together!! William Chan and Li Yi Feng’s bromance seems legit 🙂

    Also, I miss Li Ying. Hopefully, she will attend the Golden Eagle Awards! Everyone else looks stunning


    1. yes they do seem like good friends.
      I also miss Liying, Princess Agents has been filming forever. I wonder if they will ever finish lol. I think this will be her last project for a while. She was planning on taking a break next year but I think after Kimi’s death, she probably wants to rest as soon as possible. She needs some rest. I also hope she makes it to the show and wins ^^


      1. Is it bad that I want her to do another drama (either modern or palace)? I know she really needs rest, but I miss her as is. There’s going to be a huge void left after Rookie Agent Rouge ends.


        1. I want the same, but I understand she is probably too tired. After Rookie Agent we won’t see much of ZLY 😦
          I really want her to do a modern or palace drama next. I wonder when Princess Agents will finish filming, it feels like they have been filming forever.


          1. They’ve been filming since the end of May/start of June, it has been over 4 months already. And Princess Agents is only supposed to be 45 episode drama too. I thought it would be done filming last month, but guess not. At least the quality should be good! And it’s been bought so the drama will be broadcast within the next year.

            I’m gonna be sad too. A modern/palace drama would be good!


            1. over 4 months seem so long for 45 episodes. I do hope that means really good quality, I am really excited about it. I hope Hunan doesn’t mess with it too much. I thought she would finish it in October, but she canceled most of her October schedules due to filming which means she will probably be filming until November.


  2. William and 峰峰 looks so chill. All of these celebrities work too hard – get some rest! Fan Bing Bing always look immaculately pulled together – gorgeous!


  3. Thanks a lot for this compilation!!
    Wow, seriously, Chinese celebrities are all so on point when it comes to fashion. They all look really amazing and not plain. It is the true fashion runway!
    Haha at everyone dating: Lin Yun and William Feng, Zhang Han and Guli Nezha and of course, Li Yifeng with William Chan. Cuties!~~
    Funny to see Wallace with a mustache. Hahaha, so weird.
    Liying is working so hard for Princess Agents, this feels like her longest project (in filming time). Wonder what her next big drama will be after this. ><

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Feels weird seeing you thanking me for a compilation ^^. It pales in comparison to your posts, which I miss a lot. I realized there were a few couples afterwards and they were all doing a bit of pda lol. Princess Agents has been filming for so long, I think by the time she is done she probably filmed for half a year.


      1. Awwn, not at all! It is different, but I really like it this way. A heavier focus on eye candy and fashion ❤
        I hope Princess Agents can release a trailer because I so want to see any goodies from it! So far, it feels like a mix of Legend of Lu Zhen and Hua Qian Gu, which is very promising xD


  4. Thanks for this!!! Nice to know that LYF and WC managed to maintain their friendship for real – they look so chill together.

    I honestly do not know why FSF is considered so handsome – I saw a bit of My Best friend’s Wedding and he did not impress me at all….


    1. Thanks! I was happy to see that LYF and WC look like pretty good friends. But this golden triangle is missing a corner piece without Liying😛. I hope to see them all three at the Golden Eagle awards.


  5. I kyaa-ed so much at the MV by Zhang Yixing. He looks so good here ><
    My favourite fashion moments are Zhang Tian Ai and Ni Ni. Liu Tao looks gorgeous too, but I don't like what she is wearing 😛


  6. William and Li Yifeng are cute but I long to see Kris Wu with them again. The three of them are cute friends. (Kris is close with both and there was a time that he and Li Yifeng also posted matching Weibo posts when they were randomly hanging out in the wee hours of the morning). It’s nice to see friendships rather than competition among these hot young actors.

    The ladies in PFW looks amazing, as always.


      1. I’m not sure if the comments allow html codes so I’ll just paste the links.

        They met while filming Mr. Six and became close friends. They posted this at 4 AM when they met up in a hotel room in Shanghai when Kris was filming Never Gone and Li Yifeng was filming his movie with Yang Mi. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CHU8GFsUcAAjbZc.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CHU9THEUkAAUMcE.jpg

        Here’s the two of them during Mr. Six promotions

        The three of them

        Kris and Li Yifeng hugging


        1. It just asks an admin to approve your post. I forgot they both worked together in Mr.Six. I like seeing stuff like this, thanks for sharing ^^


  7. Thank you for the news @Maoh…I just thought Princess Agent already finished filming but it’s not that’s why no news about LiYing next project yet because she not finished Princess Agent filming yet…so which one do you choose: Biyao Lovers or XinYue husband? 😛


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