First impressions: 怒火英雄 Heroes In Fury


Hi all! First time writing in a blog (ever!) so hopefully this turns out okay 🙂

In the lull between Mystic Nine and Rookie Agent Rouge, I stumbled upon this little gem of a war drama and marathoned 34 episodes over a course of 5 days in between work travels! This was my first c- WWII drama and I found it a pretty fun and easy watch. I generally stay away from such shows as they are inherently tragic and sometimes reek of Communist propaganda.

Although I did not know any of the actors prior to watching the show, I was strangely drawn to the trailer as the female lead seemed able to hold her ground and handle a gun while dressed in  such lovely togs! I am glad I gave the show a try because:-

1. It totally opened my eyes to the immense thespian pool that China has. First time watching Wang Lei /  Deng Jia Jia and I love them! He is the right amount of scruffy, wit, heart, nonchalance and courage while she is a perfect mix of brains, beauty (those boots!!) and sass.

2. The OTP has such an easy adult chemistry – it’s the typical rich girl, poor boy set up but somehow it just clicks here. Even though the male lead has been infatuated with the second female lead since they were kids, he and the female lead have a comfortable romantic camaderie which just makes it obvious that they are meant to be 🙂

3. I like that the OTP together with their band of rag tag friends solve go around solving problems together. Kinda like Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei but in republican times with flick-knives, pistol and a mini camera. Why can’t there be more c-drama where the OTP solves mysteries and work together as equal partners? The female lead needs saving sometimes (just as anyone would) but is definitely not a damsel in distress !

4. The second female lead ( Qiao Qiao )is surprisingly likeable and gutsy as I initially thought she was another delicate pretty thing playing the cello but no! Also love her qipao collared western gowns – gives her a bit of an ethereal feel! Unfortunately the second male lead (Huo Zheng Yan) is not my fav and I admit to FF some of his scenes. He is a good actor though and reminds me of a young Roger Kwok – just that his character is well, really not my cup of tea.

There are 45 episodes in total I believe so it’s down to the last stretch but I sense that the icky parts are to come since it will be soon be 1941 with the Japanese officially occupying Shanghai. Not hoping for a happy ending but I will be gratified that the OTP at least have some romantic moments together!

I am watching it on YouTube without subtitles (Croton Media) and waiting for the upload of the last episodes. Do note that the show has no English title and Heroes in Fury is my translation 🙂

Should you watch it? Yes, if war dramas are not your cup of tea. This is not too heavy and is fairly fast paced (at least up to ep34). And finally, the OST from the show.


9 thoughts on “First impressions: 怒火英雄 Heroes In Fury

  1. Thanks for this review, you made me curious. “Why can’t there be more c-drama where the OTP solves mysteries and work together as equal partners? ” I am all up for OTP solving mysteries together *_*


  2. Totally agree. I enjoyed the bit in Mystic Nine where Xin Yue collaborated with FY to capture Chen Pi 🙂 Looking forward to Memory Lost with Yang Rong – hopefully Yu Zheng doesn’t disappoint !!


  3. It’s been over a week since Croton Media updated the playlist for 怒火英雄. I had caught the rest on QQ (only 42 episodes total per QQ), TV aired version might be more.


      1. Croton Media had done this in the past with their youtube channel…when I was watching Dating Hunter, they did it to the final 2 epis. I can’t remember how long it took before they finally put it up.


  4. Everything you said are good reasons for me to watch a cdrama. I will add it to my drama list for the winter break >< Hopefully, I will get the chance to watch it ^^ since I am already a fan of Deng Jiajia.


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