[Recap] Rookie Agent Rouge Ep.5-7



Can a young woman prove her loyalty to her country and her family? Lan Yan Zhi (Zhao Li Ying) is privileged banker’s daughter in Shanghai and a student activist who mistakenly comes into possession of a letter from the Japanese Army in 1937. She gets misunderstood for a spy by Song Mian, an upstanding officer in the Chinese Army. To prove her innocence, Yan Zhi agrees to infiltrate the home of her best friend, Feng Man Na (Tao Xin Ran), and help track down a mysterious spy.

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Episode 5

Man Na’s parents are playing mahjong with some officials while discussing secret information. YanZhi sneaks around to listen on their conversation. However, Man Na follows her. Our rookie agent is not to good at this yet and hits a watery pot, which alerts everyone that someone was listening on  them. They all go outside ready to kill the intruder when Man Na steps out to cover for Yan Zhi.


Yan Zhi has no choice but to get back to the second floor by climbing the outside of the house. Man Na gets scolded by her parents but she is growing suspicious of their behavior and eavesdrops on their conversation. She doesn’t like what she listens but goes back to her room. Both girls pretend that nothing happened.


At night Man Na wakes up and sneaks out of her room to talk with her parents. She tries to ask about their loyalty to the country and her dad assures her that he has no connection with the Japanese. Her dad talks about how there could be other ways to obtain peace besides going to war and her mom tells her that everything they are doing is for her. Man Na comes back to her room and stares at a sleeping Yan Zhi.


Next morning Yan Zhi is writing a letter with lemon juice when Man Na walks in on her. At this point, she is very suspicious of Yan Zhi. The letter gets thrown out in the garbage and one of Song Mian’s men picks it up.  The girls are practicing a play when Man Na gets another letter from Ying Zi and the maid, Mother Liu, tells her that madam took the stamps. Yang Zhi continues to spy on Man Na’s parents even after being told to cease all activities.

Ying Zi provides Feng with some information about future attacks, but it is a diversion; the real plan is to attack the Japanese Regional Command. After a successful attack, Leader Wan sends in a commando unit to finish off the Japanese. However, reinforcements arrive during the last minute and the commando unit gets eliminated with chemical weapons. The Nanjing Military Commission is growing more impatient due to their inability to identify the mole. The leaders decide to kill everyone in the General Staff Department.


We cut to Ying Zi and Zhou Yuhao training, they seem like friends. After the training ends their commander brings out Liu Si Si, she is the female spy that helped Zhou Yuhao during his previous mission, and tells them that since she joined the Communist Party she needs to be executed. Before Zhou Yuhao does anything that could compromise his position, she commits suicide by biting her tongue off.


Afterwards Zhou Yuhao and Ying Zi receive orders to move closer to the battlefront. Both are suspicious that the higher ups just want them all to die, which proves true as they get fired on by their own canons on their way to the battlefront. A few soldiers survive and reach shore. There they get shot by fellow officers. As one of the officers is about is about to kill Ying Zi, Zhou Yuhao kills everyone.

Episode 6

Ying Zi asks Zhou Yuhao if he is with the Salvation Army or the Communist Party and shows him the button that Zhou Yuhao lost while following Ying Zi. His injuries are too severe and he dies. It seems that Ying Zi cared about him since he knew he was following him and didn’t kill him. Zhou Yuhao reports back to the Communist Party headquarters and tells them he plans to take Ying Zi’s place and infiltrate the Japanese.

We cut to Man Na’s parents who are talking about how they have a lot of spies within different organizations including the Communist Party. They have a stamps collection with information about each spy.

Leader Wan’s men find the bodies of the dead soldiers from the General Staff Department. They don’t know if Ying Zi is alive or dead. Song Mian comes up with a plan to expose Ying Zi and all the other spies under Feng. They break down Watanabe’s car forcing him to take a bus. There they switch out his cane. Song Mian changes the note inside the cane.

At the coffee house they switch the canes once again. The new message says to gather all spies in Feng’s network at his house tomorrow.


Zhou Yuhao gets approved to infiltrate Feng’s network as Ying Zi. He plans to get close to Man Na. Back at Man Na’s house, she receives a letter from Zhou Yuhao asking her out on a date. Yan Zhi reads her letter but Man Na sees her.

Yan Zhi reports to Song Mian about Ying Zi possibly coming out to meet Man Na. Since Song Mian can’t guarantee her that Man Na wouldn’t get tried as a spy, Yan Zhi decides to draw out Ying Zi herself. First, she makes sure Man Na gets injured that way she won’t be able to meet with Ying Zi.

Then she goes to meet Ying Zi in her place. But Man Na is suspicious of Yan Zhi and decides to go to her date. Zhou Yuhao and Yan Zhi meet, they are kind of awkward with each other. Yan Zhi dances and drinks with him while waiting for Song Mian to show up.

Yan Zhi has a little too much to drink and Zhou Yuhao takes advantage of this to take her to his hotel. Man Na sees them and follows. He force kisses her and when she tries to resist, he asks her who was her instructor.

Episode 7

Zhou Yuhao asks her why she is impersonating Man Na. He tells her she showed too many loopholes in her story so it was obvious she was a fake.

At that point Man Na shows up and YanZhi and asks Yan Zhi why is she doing all of this. Yan Zhi tells her that he and her parents are spies. Man Na refuses to believe this. While they are arguing the Salvation Army arrives and Zhou Yuhao has to make a run for it. Song Mian runs after Zhou Yuhao, who he believes is Ying Zi. They confront each other, but Zhou Yuhao gets away. This forces the Salvation Army to arrest Man Na .


They take control of Man Na’s house while they wait for her dad to come back. As spies start showing up, they arrest them one by one. They have Man Na and her mom tied up in a room. Man Na’s mom breaks free and jumps out the window in an attempt to stop her husband from walking into their house. Song Mian and his men move in to capture Feng. But his deputy covers for him as Feng tries to run away. Just as he is leaving the house, he gets hit by Leader Wan’s car. Man Na runs to her dad. As he dies, he tells her that he loves her and to take the stamp book to Qing Mu (head Japanese guy). At this point both of Man Na’s parents died in her arms and she is pretty traumatized by the whole thing.

Yan Zhi arrives as they are taking Man Na and her parents bodies away. She can’t believe what is happening and breaks down crying.

Song Mian sees her and follows her. She hits him and asks him why he lied to her. He tells her that their line of work  they are fated to have a lot of pressure and misunderstandings. That only a few people can know their secrets since they affect the fate of their country and people. She tells him she is done and doesn’t want to be spy. After she leaves, he also cries.



Yan Zhi goes home to her parents and starts crying inconsolably.

Some time later, we see Zhou Yuhao back at his headquarters. He is mad that Feng is dead since now he won’t have a chance to infiltrate the Japanese. His last hope is that he could use ManNa to get close to the Japanese.

Leader Wan and Song Mian find Ying Zi’s body, he was carrying a picture of him with Feng when he was younger. They visit Yan Zhi to ask about Ying Zi. She is obviously not happy to see them and wants them gone. Her parents scold her and tell her that if she forsakes her country, they would no longer take care of her. Without any other choice she answers their questions. At least she will get a chance to visit Man Na.


We see YanZhi baking a cake. It turns out it is a cake for Man Na. In a prison cell Man Na looks really broken and depressed, she doesn’t react to anything and just sits there crying. She refuses to see Yan Zhi or take her cake. And honestly I don’t know what YanZhi was hoping to get out of this.


Meanwhile Qing Mu has been investigating who is responsible for exposing Feng and his spies. He decides that Man Na is the key to finding Ying Zi and the other spies.



We get to know Lu Yi’s character a bit more and I am still not feeling him. Yan Zhi has much better chemistry with Song Mian. But I think this could change as they develop his character. I feel so bad for Man Na. Not only did her parents and best friend betray her, but everyone else is planning to use her. I think YanZhi grows up a little during these episodes. I do think she knew that they were giving her empty promises, but she chose to believe them. She has a lot of regrets right now.

I like that this drama has a lot of historically accurate information. I looked up the usage of chemical warfare during the war and those gases seen in episode five, were actually used. Also, the  posters on the walls, mode of transportation, and Yan Zhi’s twin makeup brand are all historically accurate.

However, some scenes are very unrealistic. Like when that girl commits suicide by biting her tongue. I know this is seen in other dramas, but please find a better ways to kill people off. Another one was when Yan Zhi was hiding in the restroom and Man Na’s dad checked everywhere besides behind the door. Then Man Na hurts her leg but wears super tall heels and her injury is pretty much gone by the next episode.

Special Corner of this recap goes to Leader Wan played by Meng M


So far he is one of my favorite characters. I really like how he changes from friendly paternal figure to heartless military guy. He kind of steals the show when he is on screen. So this is my thanks to this actor for doing such a good job portraying him.


Ending Song:


22 thoughts on “[Recap] Rookie Agent Rouge Ep.5-7

    1. He works for the Communist Party. He doesn’t work for the same people that YanZhi works for. He infiltrated that government position and now he is pretending to be YingZi (a spy that was working for the Japanese) so he can infiltrate the Japanese spy network.


      1. Yan Zhi works for the Nationalist Party / KMT whose big boss Ian chiang kai shek. His face is not shown here but he is the top dog known as Old Man Jiang. The big boss of the Communist Party is Mao Ze Dong.


        1. What is the difference between nationalist and communist? Bc i thought he wanted to help the chinese people/country thats why he is a fake spy for the japanese.


          1. Different ideology. The Nationalist party eventually moved to taiwan as its the Kuomintang after the Communist Party won the Chinese civil war. Only started reading about Chinese history recently – its a fascinating hodgepodge of human will, endurance and tragedy.


  1. Leaving a FMV of the Golden Triangle (LYF-ZLY-WC). I think the dual popularity of The Mystic Nine and Legend of Chusen gave birth to this very popular triangle. Also, probably the fact that each couple has a ship, including LYF and WC lol. This FMV combines scenes from The Mystic Nine, Sparrow, and Rouge.
    I wonder if we could ever see them in a drama together. I have feeling people would go crazy.


    1. lol sure fan will go crazy if they really are in one drama but that should be a big project or else their budget would be fired to pay catse for these 3 famous stars 😛


  2. wow finally i can join here, thanks @fireflymaoh for the recap

    im currently on ep 9 of this series and love every episode, its really worthy to watch though this gene is not my taste. ZLY portray her character so well, i think she studied alot from senior actors, my most impressed scenes is on ep7, i feel hurt to see relationship btw Yan Zhi and Man Na broken, the scene Yan Zhi standing looking at Man Na is hugging her dad body, she want to say something but can’t talk out loud, she just could weep soundlessly in the rain, i cried at this scene…i feel pity for Man Na too, just a day she lost her parents, the person she always consider as best friend “betray” her and she is goin to be used by Japanese…her life is so tragic

    about the main leads, actually i ike Lu Yi before so no problem if his character is the man of Yan Zhi 😛 but i like Song Mian too, he looks stiff but sometimes is adorable (when being with Yan Zhi) but i still do think Yuhao is more suitable with Yan Zhi, i mean the personalities, Song Mian is a good friend but not a lover for strong Yan Zhi.


    1. Thanks for joining us here 🙂
      I do think Yuhao and Yanzhi have a lot in common. I think as their relationship progresses I could get there as of now I like her with SongMian (this won’t end well).


    2. Hi! Really – I have a different view from you here 🙂 someone like Yan Zhi needs a straight arrow like Song Mian for her. She and YuHao are too alike to be good for each other I feel.


    3. hahha ok just an opinion from first eps so let we will see the development of these characters, Either Yuhao or Song Mian end up with Yan Zhi im still happy though 😀


          1. I think the cinematography, soundtrack and directing of Sparrow is better than Rouge. The script too I believe.
            I watched a few of the subbed episodes but LYF did not impr as me and ZHou Dong Yu’s character does nothing for me either. Am a Zhang Ruo Yun fan but he has a tragic death so that made me a little wary too. Having said that it’s ep45/46 now and ZRY is still alive so i may pick it up again. There is a blog doing fairly detailed recap on this show too.


  3. Thanks for being so quick!

    1. The point about Man Na’s dad not checking behind the door also resonated with me but I do think it goes to show that he and his wife subconsciously do not expect to have any traitors lurking in their house. IRL, nobody is that paranoid all the time. He was already being very careful in terms of asking his no.2 to change the meeting venue and transfer object. When his wife discovered that they were caught, her first question was “who betrayed us??” which does show how unsuspecting they were of Yan Zhi. But I guess that makes Man Na feel even worse because she was the only one with suspicions (like that Man Na is not blur and naive and quickly figured out something was off with Yan Zhi) but did not alert her parents. Pretty sure she blames herself 😦

    2. I was more disturbed that Yan Zhi and every other female wears make up to sleep!!

    3. I think that Lu Yi’s character is actually quite multi layered so hopefully he can pull it off. I am still okay with him now but I hope he is not her one true love. Let that be Song Mian !! Even in their first meeting, no strong chemistry between him and Yan Zhi. Even though they kissed!

    4. Song Mian and Yan Zhi – even when they are bickering they are cute!!! Looking forward to the angst here later

    5. Also liked that Yan zhi is not infallible. She forgot to turn on the tap when she was supposed to be showering etc and was quickly spotted by Lu Yi’s character. That makes it more realistic as it shows that she is human and can make mistakes despite being supergood at some stuff.

    6. Saw that Lu Yi is No1 on baidu celebrities. Show some love for Yuan Wen Kang !! Hopefully I saw that right as my written mandarin is a bit crap. 🙂

    7. Man Na is doing well here too. I thought the actress looked a bit familiar and went to check her out. She was concubine An in Zhen huan !!


    1. I’m gonna second your motion on Yuan Wen Kang. Guy deserves lotsa love! Too bad my location doesn’t allow me to have a Baidu or Weibo account, otherwise I’d join his fan army 🙂

      Oh, and his chemistry with Zhao Liying outsparks hers with Lu Yi — even when Lu Yi’s got to kiss her on their first encounter ;-). It’s quite obvious Song Mian is attracted to Yan Zhi, and she knows it, even if he tries to suppress and conceal it by being cutesy and lovey dovey to his girlfriend!


      1. Yes re Song Mian!! Think it’s cute how he always tries to cover for her in front of the big boss.

        Yan Zhi is attracted to him too but because he is attached she satisfies herself by teasing him 🙂


    2. 1. I guess but I do wish he had checked behind the door and it turns out YanZhi was hiding somewhere else. I think that would have been better.
      2. LOL yes this bothered me too. I decided to ignore it since it happens all the time. I do wish they wore lighter/more natural makeup. Their makeup and lipstick was way to strong for someone who was sleeping.
      3. Yes, his character has a lot of potential. We just havent seen much of him as of now.
      4. I like them a lot together. She really knows how to push his buttons and I think he feels guilty towards her so he lets her get away with some stuff.
      5. Yes, I like that she keeps making mistakes.
      6. In Baike Baidu? I think most of the top celebrities in those sites need to be popular with young kids. His fanbase is a bit older. I saw Song Mian in the related searches for Rouge. I think as of now he is the preferred ship 😛
      7. I like Man Na a lot, she is a villain that you feel bad for. It is understandable why she will turn bad and honestly we can’t blame her since she was kind of force into it.


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