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Can a young woman prove her loyalty to her country and her family? Lan Yan Zhi (Zhao Li Ying) is privileged banker’s daughter in Shanghai and a student activist who mistakenly comes into possession of a letter from the Japanese Army in 1937. She gets misunderstood for a spy by Song Mian, an upstanding officer in the Chinese Army. To prove her innocence, Yan Zhi agrees to infiltrate the home of her best friend, Feng Man Na (Tao Xin Ran), and help track down a mysterious spy.

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Note: This is my first time doing a drama recap. The next recap will take longer.

Episode 3

Yan Zhi agrees to help them just this one time. Song Mian feels bad that she got dragged into this since he knows that once someone becomes part of the espionage world they never get out.


Yan Zhi goes to visit Man Na and asks about her missing foundation box. The maid tells her she saw it at the Old Master’s library. Man Na’s mother walks in at that moment and tells the maid to shut up. Yan Zhi finds this suspicious. Man Na can tell there is something wrong with Yan Zhi, but just guesses she has a crush on Song Mian. Yan Zhi says that is not possible since he is short and has a big head.

Fan edit of how Yan Zhi sees Leader Song lol


There is a big commotion on the streets and Yan Zhi wants to go take a look. Man Na tells her to be careful since her dad thinks that any day now Japan will drop bombs and the streets will be full of corpses and covered with blood.


Yan Zhi goes to the library and finds some pieces of papers that Man Na’s parents were using to practice their writing. At that moment Man Na’s mom tries to open the door which Yan Zhi had locked after walking in. Yan Zhi barely has time to hide under the desk. She hears as Man Na’s mom opens a security box and puts some gold bars inside. (Are they spies for money?)

She reports back to Wan Zhi Chao and Song Mian. They conclude that one of the papers was written by the same person who falsified the note. However, it is not enough proof and they want Yan Zhi to keep investigating. She refuses since she doesn’t want to use her friendship for that. Wan Zhi Chao tells Song Mian to convince her so he takes her out for coffee.

Song Mian starts a boring conversation about how good it is to be a spy and help the country. Yan Zhi is not interested in that, but she thinks Song  Mian is interested in her. He tells her he has someone he likes. It turns out Yan that Zhi knows her from college and wants to meet her. They meet Lin Tian Mo at a church, where she is playing piano as kids sing. Afterwards, Leader Song and Lin Tian Mo are serving dinner for the kids while Yan Zhi observes. Yan Zhi wants to know when the kids are going home and is shocked to find out they are all war orphans. One of the girls runs off to feed a rooster and Yan Zhi goes after her. At that moment Japan attacks.



Yan Zhi remembers Man Na telling her that soon they would know what it means to have streets full of corpses and covered in blood. She finds the little girl and runs with her. Song Mian is looking for Yan Zhi and finds her just in time as a bomb hits near where she was hiding.

Some time after Song Mian goes to visit Yan Zhi at the hospital. He brings a lot of fruits and apologizes for dragging her into this. Yan Zhi was obviously shaken by her experience and agrees to help them with some conditions. Wan Zhi Chao says he agrees to her conditions. I don’t thin Yan Zhi trusts him too much.


He says as long as Man Na didn’t act as a spy for the enemy and didn’t have any actual assignments with the spies, she will be okay.

Man Na’s parents are seeing the bombs fall on the city from their house. Feng Zi Xiong closes the curtains and tells his wife that they must be extra careful now. Ying Zi, the spy everyone is looking for, will contact him soon. No one knows what he looks like and Feng Zi Xiong is the only one that knows his true history and background. He last saw him fifteen years ago. He decides that he will be able to communicate with him by using Man Na since she is betrothed to Ying Zi. NOOOOOOO

Man Na agrees to start getting to know Ying Zi through letters to decide if she wants to marry him. We cut to Ying Zi, whose real name is Zhou Han Guang and a Nanjing Military Commission General Staff Officer Major. Very suspiciously he sends a letter in the mail, but notices someone spying on him right after.


Ying Zi runs after his spy, who turns out to be Lu Yi’s character. He informs someone about the letter that was just mailed.


At a photography studio, a mailman gives the letter to the owner who carefully opens the envelope and takes picture of the content. Lu Yi’s character arrives at the studio. He is a Nanjing Military Commission General Staff Officer Major and member of the Communist underground force. His real name is Zhou Yuhao.


Zhou Yuhao asks about the information in the letter. They have been reading the letters between Man Na and Ying Zi but can’t figure out the code within the letters.

Meanwhile Yan Zhi is having some PTSD nightmares and wakes up the sound of bombs falling on the city. As she looks out her window, she flinches and her tears up.



Episode 4

Song Mian gives Yan Zhi some listening devices to put inside telephones in Man Na’s house. They will meet at a fruit stall near Man Na’s house. She goes to visit Man Na and installs the listening devices, but there is too much signal interference.


Yan Zhi and Man Na have such a cute friendship. Yan Zhi receives a signal to go meet at the fruit stall. She meets with Song Mian, who explains that due to the interference they won’t be able to know what is happening inside the house and she is the only one that can gather information for them. He tells her to write secret letters using lemon juice. Yan Zhi wants Song Mian to show her how to do it and asks him to write “I love Lan Yan Zhi”. LOL she is making him sweat 


On her way back to the house, the mailman stops her and gives her a letter for Man Na. Man Na is really excited about getting a letter from Ying Zi and runs upstairs to read it. Her mom walks in and acts all suspicious in front of Yan Zhi. She makes sure to remove the airmail stamps, before giving the envelope to Yan Zhi. There is a secret message in the stamps. The message says that Councilman Jiang will be traveling to Shanghai using British embassy cars. Feng (Man Na’s dad) passes the message along to the Japanese headquarters by hiding it inside his walking stick and giving to his deputy. Yan Zhi writes a letter using lemon juice, turns it into a paper plane, and throws it out the window. But a kid picks it up.


She writes another message in a bill and asks the maid to return it to the fruit stall owner since he overpaid her. Song Mian gets her message, which says to pay attention to Deputy Liu’s walking stick.

We cut to Deputy Liu, who is having lunch at a restaurant. Watanabe walks in with a similar walking stick. Song Mian also walks in and sees the two walking sticks. When Deputy Liu walks out, he picks up the walking stick that Watanabe was using. Watanabe leaves right after and picks up the other walking stick. Song Mian realises how they are communicating and reports to headquarters.


With the information obtained by the spies the Japanese attack the British embassy car fleet, where they believe Councilman Jiang is hiding. However, he was not there. With these actions the National Salvation Association is able to expose the mole in the Military Commission. They decide to eliminate Ying Zi’s web of communication.

Meanwhile Zhou Yuhao, who is acting as a spy in the Military Commission, is tasked with finishing off Lin Sheng from the Confidential Affairs Bureau. Zhou Yuhao is afraid he will be exposed but is told by his supervisors not to worry. At the party, just when Zhou Yuhao is about to kill Lin Sheng the military arrive and say they are looking for a spy. He is about to sacrifice himself and kill Lin Sheng, when the guy behind him pushes him over and shoots Lin Sheng before being killed. Zhou Yuhao and the girl spy run away and hide in a room. Zhou Yuhao reflects on how he would have died if it hadn’t been for the other guy shooting Lin Sheng. She replies that he won’t die since their mission is to protect him and die in his place.



Back at Shanghai Man Na asks Yan Zhi to sleep over.  They call Yan Zhi’s mom and Man Na is saying all these nice things about Yan Zhi while you see regret and guilt on Yan Zhi’s face.


My heart breaks everytime I see Man Na and Yan Zhi together. Man Na obviously considers her a really good friend 😦  and I can see how conflicted Yan Zhi is by the whole thing. She cares about Man Na but seeing bombs fall on the streets really shook her up.

We are introduced to Zhou Yuhao, another spy in a different organization. His character is in a more dangerous situation and you can feel that he lives in constant fear. The scene at the end of episode four with the other female spy was very touching. She looked really sad when they started searching the guests at the party.I wonder if she was sad about the other male spy since she doesn’t know Zhou Yuhao for long. She knew they had to protect Zhou Yuhao so she was probably afraid of what ended up happening. She is not even important enough to tell him her name, just a disposable asset to get him to accomplish his mission.

The plot is really picking up and there were a couple of intense moments where you don’t know if they are going to discover one of the spies. I am really enjoying this drama so far.



21 thoughts on “[Recap] Rookie Agent Rouge 3-4

  1. I haven’t started yet. Gonna wait for a couple more episodes to come out, lol

    I love ZLY’s style in here. A bit flashy, but she really stands out. Hehe

    Also, looking forward to her next project. Hope it’s a romcom or palace drama!


  2. I’m not trying to be a party pooper but can we get less ZLY related posts. All but 3 of the posts on cnewsdevotee are related to her. It’s an overflow of her. If I didn’t know it, I would think this is a blog dedicated to her.


    1. Well this is a community blog. After centdevotee discontinue, a few readers decided to volunteer their time and keep this going. Each of us posts about what we find interesting. You are seeing so many ZLY’s posts because a lot of us are her fans. We try to gather more broad information for the Cent updates.


    2. The former blog was ZLY-centric with occasion C-entertainment updates. Same will be here.

      There are many blogs out there for you to follow if you’re not into ZLY.


    3. I think the main reason this blog exist is because the previous blog is also mainly ZLY centric and so a lot fans gathered there. When that blog stopped, we got together to form this blog so that the same community can exist. Sorry if it is too much Zhao Liying but in my opinion you cannot have too much of her!! =D =D=D=D
      And given her activities with Rookie agent and Legend of Chusen, it’s kinda hard not to post about her. I’ll be so sad once Rookie agent ends and we’ll be deprived of her for a while….:(

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Each reader has a right to their opinion and we shouldn’t ask them to head elsewhere just because. Her or his request isn’t an unreasonable one. It’s evident there’s a lot of love for ZLY here(love is always good) but more variety wouldn’t hurt. Because as much as the blog is to showcase the contributors’ interest, shouldn’t it also cater to a certain extent what the readers want to see too?


        1. I can’t speak for everyone but it takes me a long time to look up information and post it here. If you look at our entertainment updates, we do talk about a lot of people. However, if I don’t have an interest it would be harder for me to look it up. And most active readers here are ZLY fans, so in that sense we are appealing to the majority of readers. As you said we are each free to our own opinion. Mine is that I would rather spend my free time doing something I enjoy. I post about celebrities I like, not all of them are ZLY but the majority of the information I post is about ZLY.


        2. I am always grateful for any blog on c-entertainment in English because my written Mandarin is basic at best and there are not many English sources. As a reader, I believe the choice is with us – if the blog does not have sufficient information that one wants, one can always look elsewhere.

          This blog in particular is particularly impressive because it had ended in September when the originators had other time consuming commitments and a group of commentators decided to come together to create a new community blog because they enjoyed the friendly, inclusive vibe that this blog has. Most of them are also ZLY fans and it makes sense that the bias follows through. There are also other posting I noticed notably the c-entertainment updates and fashion news but I would say that this is more a collective effort of passion and communal mindshare rather than a strictly C-entertainment blog. There are many other blogs which cater to a broader c-entertainment scope – believe it was in the last posting of this original blog whichever i thought was very thoughtful of the original bloggers.


        3. @ Beck & Kay: Same avatar = same person

          The nerve of ppl. If you haven’t been following the former blog, then you wouldn’t know the current blog is formed from a community of volunteers who are also fans of ZLY. There is a variety of posts, but there will be times when it is ZLY-centric. As Lizzie pointed out, you can choose what to read and what not to read.

          It takes time to look up information. The volunteers are doing it for FREE.


          1. Hi, Hannah. I am a former reader of the old blog and have commented before. I am not Beck. I think IP addresses are better proof than some avatar theory. I don’t appreciate the false accusation.


        4. I think we do try to cater to what the readers want hence we have the entertainment updates with lots of different people. If people want to see more news of a certain person just let us know. But @Beck never requested anything specific. All he/she asked for was less ZLY and that is a little unreasonable. If you notice most of the post of ZLY are recaps. And we watch what interest us. Asking for less ZLY is like asking for less/no recaps.

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    4. Hello there Beck~
      I think some of the admins have spoken up about this topic along with others to which I agree with. Like they have said, the previous blogger likes ZLY as well and so most of the people that were part of the community in her previous blog also share positive opinions about ZLY.That carried over to here. If you look at the term blog by definition, it’s an “informational or discussion” type of website. This blog addresses both by being informative with the cent updates while facilitating discussion per comment and also through recaps (which also provide information). It is a bit ZLY focus more so than other blogs because most of the people who post here do like ZLY in particular and post per interest. Also I want to point out that two of the dramas that are currently airing as of now and are garnering interest are dramas that has Zhao Liying (Chusen, Rookie Agent) in them. Hence more coverage. Also this blog was set up around the time when one of ZLY’s drama ended (Nine Gates) and another drama starring ZLY was going to air (Rookie Agent). Kind of a timing thing here as well.

      If you want more coverage in terms of other actors/actresses or other topics, do comment or tell the folks here. But do know that the folks who post here can post whatever they want.

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  3. Watched it! And…
    1. Does Yan Zhi not need to discuss anything with her parents?
    2. I think Yan zhi has a crush on Song Mian despite him having a girlfriend – their interactions are so cute 🙂
    3. I like Man Na parents’ together (despite the whole traitor to country vibe!) – he confides in his wife and they are a team. Why can’t we have more OTPs like that???
    4. That dress Yan zhi wore to the orphanage – love it! And that slacks with white blouse ensemble? Love that too!

    Still loving the show 🙂


    1. 1. I didn’t think about this but she seems very free spirited.
      2. I think so too. She was looking pretty down when he was being all cute with his gf.
      3. I like them too. They are traitors but you kind of feel a bit for them.
      4. I like her outfits too and I saw that they are based on popular outfits during that era so it is very historically accurate.


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