[Review/Recap] – Legend of Chusen Episode 35-38

# of episodes: 55

Chinese name: 青云志

Summary: Biyao and Qin Wuyan as one party and Xiaofan, Shushu, Xueqi, and Lixuan as another headed west (at a desert) to look Xiao Huan and Xuan Huo Jian.

Episode 35-36

Biyao went to ask her dad if she can go with Qing Wuyan to Yudu to look for Xuan Huo Jian. Her dad was a bit reluctant. But she snuck out anyway.

Back at Yudu, Xiao Huan took was trying to activate Xuan Huo Jian but lost control of it.

Suddenly, a mysterious lady appeared and kidnapped Xiao Huan and Xuan Huo Jian.

Shushu, Xiaofan, Xueqi, and Lixuan banded together to go rescue Xiao Huan and take back Xuan Huo Jian.

Biyao and Qin Wuyan arrived at Yudu and met up with Ye Gou. He told them about the “missing” Xuan Huo Jian and that Xiaofan and them went west to look for it.

Biyao and Qin Wuyan as one party and Xiaofan, Shushu, Xueqi, and Lixuan as another headed west to look Xuan Huo Jian. During the travel Qin Wuyan told Biyao about his past 15 years.  (I kinda pity the guy after that…)

Following Xiao Huan’s hint, Xiaofan and them arrived at a vast desert and saw bandits trying to steal from some merchants.

Here, we get a glimpse of Xueqi’s past. It looks like when she was young, she also passed through the desert and got attacked by bandits too. Hence, she was nervous/stress ever since they arrived at the desert.

The “merchants” that Xiaofan and them rescued turned out to be bandits themselves. They poisoned the drinks and captured Xiaofan and them.

The bandits first sent Xiaofan and Xueqi’s off to XiaKui (a sand demon) as offerings for their blood. Xueqi’s past kept flashing before during this process. (Finally some character’s development for Xueqi!!)

The bandits pushed Xiaofan and Xueqi down to  a whirlpool of sand where XiaKui is. (Gotta say…Yang Zi’s acting is really superb here!! I can feel her terror and stress in this situation)

In the midst of the sand, Xueqi was dazed and kept remembering how her dad sold her off to a merchant to perform and when the group was passing through the desert, the encountered the same bandits and the merchants just abandoned her.

The bandits tried to offer her off the XiaKui then also but luckily her Shifu saved and took her into Qinyun. (Her past had traumatized her to be stone cold)

After the flashback, Xueqi’s sword found her and along with Xiaofan’s power, they escaped XiaKui’s lair.

Xiaofan and Xueqi reunited with Shushu and Lixuan.

When Shushu and Lixuan escaped from the bandits with the help of Shitou, Shushu stole a golden egg from the bandit and it hatched into an egg with golden wing. (Don’t know the significant of the egg yet..)

As they were walking and looking for water, they arrived at a village that seems out of place in this vast desert.

Xiaofan and them checked in at an inn. The inn owner (Sam Nian) turned out to be the mysterious lady that kidnapped Xiao Huan! (I totally didn’t recognize her until I repeatedly saw that mole on her face!)

Of course, Biyao and Qin Wuyan also found the village! (Biyao and Xiaofan almost reunited!) Qin Wuyan went into to scope out the village while Biyao waited outside.

Episode 37-38

When night fell, Xiaofan and Xueqi had a heart to heart conversation. Xueqi finally was able to let go of her past and overcame her childhood trauma.

Xiaofan was pondering about his fate with Biyao and if he can forget her. While Biyao was trying to remember what so special about her bell. (The two charms are linked to one another).

Outside of the city, Qin Wuyan came back and said that they can move on now. However, Biyao felt unsure. She decided that she wanted to go into the city instead.

The next morning, Xiaofan and Xueqi found Shitou drunk. Shitou told them that his mom is actually a demon and that he’s half-half. They concluded that there might be other demon around.

After some snooping, Xiaofan and them found Xiao Qi locked up in  the back of the inn that they were staying.

Xiao Qi escaped before Li Xuan can get to him.

Xiaofan decided to split up the work. Xiaofan and Shitou will go around town to look for news on Shitou’s mom. Xueqi will be looking to Li Xuan to look for Xiao Qi. And Shushu will be looking for hints of Xiao Huan’s whereabouts.

During the search, Biyao saw and thought that Xiaofan and Shitou was harassing the village head and  decided to attack them. She then fled. (So Xiaofan did not see her…)

Shushu, on the other hand, went out to look for Xiao Huan. Right when he found her handkerchief, he got attacked by bandits.

Sam Nian came and saved him. Afterward, she knocked him out and kidnapped him also.

When night fell, Xiaofan decided to stop by the village head’s house for further investigation. He found the old man dead and a mysterious person escaping.

All of a sudden, Biyao came out and attacked him!! (They finally met!!) but then Qin Wuyan came and took her away. (Boo..)

The villagers got news that the old village head was dead and so the suspicion fell on Xiaofan. Xiaofan told them to give him 3 days to figure out who the killer is. With that Sam Nian took Shitou as hostage.

Xiaofan, Xueqi, and LiXuan started the investigation starting with the flowers in the village head’s house. They suspect that the flowers help cover up the demon aura.

On the outside of the village, Qin Wuyan was feeding Biyao lies about Xiaofan using her and causing her harm in the past. Some of her flashbacks made her believe that Xiaofan is an evil guy.

While Shushu and Xiao Huan were being locked in a cave, they found Liu Wei chained up with Xuan Huo Jian on top. Liu Wei told them that he is injured and does not have much longer to live. Even with the Xuan Huo Jian healing him, he needed to let go of his inner demon in order to be saved.

Back to Xiaofan and them, the guy (sorry I forgot his name so I will refer to him as the guy from here onward) told Xiaofan to poison the village’s well in order to weaken the demons (supposedly it will not harm humans)

While Xiaofan was poisoning the well, Biyao spotted him and misunderstood that he was trying to harm the villagers. So she attacked him. Xiaofan was confused as to why Biyao doesn’t remember him.

Once Xiaofan saw Qin Wu Yan, he fled (SO anticlimactic!!! This whole week led to this moment and he just ran away…..)

With the whole village drinking the water from the well, those that are demons were beginning to show forms. Xiaofan came back to the village and along with Xueqi, they approached Sam Nian for answers. By then, she was also poisoned and began to show form.

During the fight, Xueqi and Xiaofan realized that they too were poisoned by the wine that Sam Nian gave them.

The guy came in and capture everyone. The guy turns out to be one of the sand bandit that they encountered from before.

Just when the guy was trying to absorb Sam Nian’s power, Qin Wuyan and Biyao walked in.

Biyao asked for some alone time with Xiaofan. Xiaofan found out that Biyao had lost her memory and said that it might be for the better that she did.

Qin Wuyan came back and kept pestering Biyao to kill him. She knocked him out instead.

Back to Shushu and Xiao Huan. While they were trying to escape the cave, the bumped into Xiao Qi delivering food and medicine to Liu Wei. (Found out that Xiao Qi has 7 tails! So that means that he was powerful but then he lost all his tails)

Chexmixing: I’m liking Yang Zi more and more!! Before I don’t really know her well as an actress but after the sand bandit accident, I find that she acts really well. Anyway, this week’s episodes have just been a tease. Ever since Biyao lost her memory, all I’ve been waiting for is for her and Xiaofan to meet again. Many times they were soooooo near each other (even their little weapon/bell can sense each other!!) and yet they never met face to face! and when they did….it was so anticlimactic!! What’s up with the whole “oh you forgot everything..well, you’re better off that way..” attitude. I hope next week’s episodes are more action focus.

FMVs and Trailer

Props to those that made these mvs! They’re so good. Some of my faves:

A three generation love story between Xiaofan and Biyao.

(Episode 39 Trailer – I love Biyao’s sassiness at the end! =D)


6 thoughts on “[Review/Recap] – Legend of Chusen Episode 35-38

  1. I do like XiaoFan and BiYao together but he is testing me. Maybe she should just end up with Qin Wuyan, they are kind of cute together.
    Get it together XiaoFan.
    I honestly kind of skimmed over Xuequi’s storyline since right now I am just watching it for BiYao and XiaoFan.


    1. Pretty much he was telling Biyao about his past 15 years. 5 years training at Wan Du Men in a cave and he was the only one that survived out of all the little kids. Next 5 years were training along with Qin Long and the last 5 years at Yudu as a spy. But his first 5 years at Wan Du Men was sad because he was pretty much starved and tortured and had to watch the people around him die one at a time…


      1. Ah, thank you for the recaps!

        I’m really loving this series so far! I’m just hoping that I won’t get disappointed later on if the ending sucks, or the other seasons won’t have the same actors. >.<


        1. I know what you mean. I hope not too….Especially Biyao and Xiaofan’s ending. Part 2 will have the same cast. But I heard rumors of a part 3 with a different cast tho….


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