[Recap] Rookie Agent Rouge Ep. 1-2



Can a young woman prove her loyalty to her country and her family? Lan Yan Zhi (Zhao Li Ying) is privileged banker’s daughter in Shanghai and a student activist who mistakenly comes into possession of a letter from the Japanese Army in 1937. She gets misunderstood for a spy by Song Mian, an upstanding officer in the Chinese Army. To prove her innocence, Yan Zhi agrees to infiltrate the home of her best friend, Feng Man Na (Tao Xin Ran), and help track down a mysterious spy.

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Eng Subs: Viki

Note: This is my first time doing a drama recap and I welcome any recommendations for improvement.

Episode 1



We start off on a ship, there is protest to kick the Japanese out of China. Lan Yan Zhi is pretending to be blind as she makes her way across a crowd. Meanwhile her friend, Man Na, is drawing everything. She stumbles across a few people one of them is a “drunk” Song Mian, who looks a bit creepy. She also runs into both Japanese spies.

Finally, she reaches her room where her friend is waiting for her. This was all a game to test Yan Zhi’s hearing and intuition. She could have worked at Xin Yue’s hotel.


They assume Song Mian is a Japanese spy and Yan Zhi decides to spy on him. On her way she runs into the female spy again, who uses the same foundation brand as Yanzhi.

Song Mian figures out she is following him. She seems suspicious enough for him to tie her up and scare her a little.


The real Japanese spies are out exchanging information when Song Mian recognizes them. He captures the male spy. In her room, the female spy is putting something inside her makeup. As she walks out, she is also captured.

Yan Zhi is a feisty little girl who keeps screaming for help. She finds some grease and manages to take off the handcuffs. I have a feeling she didn’t need grease to take these off since ZLY has very tiny hands.


Her friend Man Na is looking for her and finds her after she escapes. They run to tell the Captain about Japanese spies on the ship.

Meanwhile Song Mian is doing his favorite intimidation technique.


The spy manages to get himself off . After fighting with Song Mian, he runs into Yan Zhi. Can this girl get any more unlucky?


He seems to have the upper hand until he spots the female spy, who was captured previously. This is just the moment Yan Zhi needs to kick him and try to escape. He falls off the rail and drags her with him. The female spy uses this commotion to exchange her makeup with the one in Yan Zhi’s purse.

The male spy is hanging on for dear life, even after being shot in the neck. But YanZhi manages to kick him off. ZLY’s tiny feet came in handy here.


Yan Zhi is about to fall off too, but Song Mian saves her. He tells them that he works for the National Salvation Association Secret Service and that his name is Song Mian. Yan Zhi seems a bit interested in him.

Song Mian takes the female spy off the ship. She spots an accomplice waiting for her, Watanabe, and gives him a message using morse code. He leaves first and waits for the car carrying her at a corner. When the cars pass each other, the female spy moves forward and smiles as she is shot in the head.


At Tokko headquarters, Watanabe passes along the information he received. And we find out that the girl he killed was his fiancee (this is so sad, that is why she kept touching her ring). The information she gave him points to Lan Yan Zhi.

Back at her house, Yan Zhi is being pampered by her parents who seem very loving. They want her to get married soon, but Yan Zhi states that right now she is just in love with herself.

At Tokko headquarters, they find out everything about Lan Yan Zhi. Watanabe points out that she is friends with Man Na, whose father is Feng Zi Xiong. They decide to let him handle getting the information while they stay low on their end.

Man Na is also back at her house and she adores her parents. They decide to throw Man Na a birthday party. Yan Zhi goes over to Man Na’s house for the party. She seems a bit weary of how friendly Man Na’s family is being with her. And she would be right as Man Na’s mother steals Yan Zhi’s foundation from her purse.

Episode 2

Man Na’s parents try to find the message inside Yan Zhi’s makeup foundation, but there is nothing there. It turns out they grabbed the wrong one. Yan Zhi finds the hidden message and shows it to Man Na.

Yan Zhi wants to report it to Song Mian, but Man Na’s dad stops her. He manages to send the information to the Japanese while creating a fake message for Song Mian.


The Japanese get the information back to headquarters effectively stopping the plans of the Chinese army. Song Mian and his supervisor conclude that they were given the wrong information and that it must have been altered by  Feng Zi Xiong (Man Na’s dad). They also know that there is mole in the Nan Jing Military Commission, code name Ying Zi. He was the one that provided the information to the Japanese spies on the ship. The department head is suspicious of everyone and decides to test Yan Zhi since she was the one who discovered the message.

They capture Yan Zhi and take her to an interrogation room. She is startled at first until she hears Song Mian using his lighter to light up his cigarette. Then she gets cocky and tells them to shoot and have Song Mian come to her grave every year.



She explains how she deducted that she was being interrogated by the National Salvation Association and not the Japanese. The department head, Wan Zhi Chao, is pretty impressed with her. He takes her back to his office and asks her to sit and she casually sits on his seat like she owns the place. They ask her to write a detailed account of the events before she is allowed to leave.


Afterwards they test her and she passes with flying colors. The department head wants to recruit her to infiltrate Man Na’s house, but Song Mian doesn’t want to involve innocent people. They agree on one more test, which she also passes. She is too cocky for her own good, she could have just failed them.

Reluctantly she agrees to join them after they show her pictures of Chinese citizens being tortured by the Japanese and tell her that she will have a chance to prove Man Na’s family innocence. She asks them to not involve Man Na.


I really like how the first Japanese spies are humanized. They were the only ones being nice to Yan Zhi while she pretended to be blind and I honestly felt bad when they died. The female spy getting shot was a bit shocking, then later you find out she was shot by her fiance. Pretty horrible. The other known spies are Man Na’s parents, their motives are unknown as of now but they seem like caring parents.

Yan Zhi and Man Na are typical young girls just enjoying themselves, nothing to really worry about. Song Mian is a competent spy, but you can tell he is not happy with his job. He knows how dark it can get and doesn’t want anyone else to get involved.

My one problem is how Yan Zhi is just so good at everything. I get that she is smart and intuitive but her super hearing and ability to count hundreds of flower petals are a bit too much. Her one flaw is being pretty arrogant. I think she believes there is nothing she is not capable of doing because she is Lan Yan Zhi.

I can see where this is going and I feel pretty bad for Man Na. What is interesting to me is that I can see this story being told just as easily from Man Na’s point of view, heroine is betrayed by best friend and seeks revenge.


Yuan Wen Kang / Song Mian



15 thoughts on “[Recap] Rookie Agent Rouge Ep. 1-2

  1. Started this drama and now I”m just waiting for more episodes to come out before I continue! I can tell that it’s gonna be a suspense one and I don’t think I can do cliff hangers. hahaah


    1. yeah so far it is one of those dramas that keeps you wanting to see the next episode. Good thing they are releasing like two episodes per day. And it has good pace so I don’t realize 45 minutes went by. But sadly I am in the wrong ship.


  2. thanks very much for fast recap. Your recap is very good 🙂 . This drama is very interesting. Last night I watched ep.4-5 on youtube, without Eng subbed. After that I found out viki has got the licensed to translate and online on their wesite cover all episodes…Huhu.. so happy.

    Do you (or anyone ) know about the new project of ZLY? I searched from google, still show only Princess agent 11. (I ‘m ZLY fanclub from Germany. I can not understand Chinese language)


    1. Thank you! ^^ She said she will be doing a movie next. Rumor is that she will be joining Andy Lau’s Fearless Vampire Killers but nothing has been officially confirmed by either side. I am afraid after this drama ends, we won’t see ZLY on screen until Summer of next year. She will have a movie coming out this December so at least that is something.


  3. thank you for the recap @Chexmixing. Iam kind of hopeless that no one gonna make the recap about this drama..
    do you know where i can watch the raw?.


    1. Thanks! I think everyone is in the wrong ship. He is doing a really good job and he has great chemistry with ZLY. Marathoning is probably a good idea 🙂


  4. Finally watched ep 1-2 and:-

    1. We finally have an unrealistically uber smart annoying female character in the vein of Sherlock 🙂 who says only men can have mnemonic memory and super human accurate senses 🙂

    2. This feels like Covert Affairs (the USA network rookie CIA spy show) except more gritty and during the war.

    3. Love how bratty, arrogant and entitled Yan Zhi is – ah the innocent pride of youth 🙂

    4. So far all her dresses and slacks are spot-on !

    5. Yuan Wen Kang!!

    6. Loving the ending theme song more and more with each listen – I hope it gets on Spotify

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol yes I was like wow she is good at everything, then I remembered that most male spies are also super unrealistically good at everything. I am anticipating some character growth for her.


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