[Review/Recap] – Legend of Chusen Episode 31-34


# of episodes: 55

Chinese name: 青云志

Summary: After leaving Ding Hai Zhuang, Biyao and Xiaofan were mainly in Hu Ji San while Jingyu and Xueqi were back at Qingyun. The story revolves around Biyao losing her memory and Jingyu losing his power.

Episode 31-33

Qin Wuyan brought Xiang Xin Hua to Guiwang wanting to ally with Gui Wang Zhong. Though Gui Wang was skeptical, he accepted the alliance.

Continuing where the last episode left off, Biyao told Xiaofan to come to Hu Ji Shan with her so that her dad can extract the Tianshu from his body. (She was worried about his health). Xiaofan was reluctant. (The way she talks to him just makes you want to smile! =D)

Biyao stormed off and they ended up in a small hut and meet a mysterious guy, WanRenWang. He told Xiaofan that his weapon belongs to the demon sect. The stick named Shohuan and the fused blood pearl are both powerful weapons of the demon sect.

Later Xiaofan found out that, the mysterious guy turned out to be Biyao’s dad. He’s here to take Biyao back.

Biyao followed her dad home leaving Xiaofan to think about what Biyao’s dad said about his weapon.

Back at Hujisan, Biyao released the Tianshu in Xiangxinhua and it got imprinted on a scroll.

Mr. Ghost came to discuss with Guiwang. He told Guiwang that within Xiaofan is both power from Qingyun and Tianying sect (it was transferred to him when he was young along with the blood pearl). He can be a powerful ally if Guiwang can recruit him.

On the side, Jingyu and Xiaoshixong are on their way back to Qingyun.

We got a glimpse of the time when Guiwang offered Xiaoshixong the Beast blood for power and told him that whoever comes in contact with his blood will also turn into a beast.

Therefore, Xiaoshixong decided to poison Jingyu with his blood and turn him into a demon. (To divert the attention away from him once they’re back at Qingyun)

Back at Hujishan, Xiaofan disguised himself and snuck into Biyao’s home. Of course it was all guessed by Biyao and her dad.

Xiaofan, Guiwang, and Biyao talked about Chaomianchun (Xiaofan’s villaged) and Guiwang told Xiaofan that he was not the one that massacred the village and if anything, Xiaofan should question Qingyun about that accident.

Back at Qingyun, Xiaoshishong activated his demon blood in Jinygu and turned him into a demon.

The head of Qingyun and Jingyu’s Shifu saw the scenario and just determined that Jingyu was working with the demon sect. Qingyun decided to erase all his power and kick him out of Qingyun.

On the order of the zhangmen (head of Qingyun) Jingyu’s shifu erased all of Jingyu’s power…..=(

Back at Hujisan, Xiaofan said goodbye to Biyao and he asked her to kill him if he can no longer control Tianshu. He said no matter what, they cannot release the demon beast!

Before Xiaofan left, They went to visit Biyaos mom’s grave and there she semi confessed to Xiaofan. He rejected her feeling saying that good and evil cannot be together… >;(

Biyao decided to send him out of Hujisan and go on each own way from then onward.

Not even more than 10 seconds after their goodbye, Biyao and Xiaofan was back together again!! Trying to save Liuwei from Feng Shang Gu’s disciples (one of them is Shushu’s cousin)

Biyao’s dad and Qin Wuyan came in time to chase off Feng Shang Gu’s disciples. At the same time, he captured Xiaofan and locked him up in Hujisan.

Just as Xiaoshixong was sending Jingyu out of Qingyun, Xiaofan’s shifu came to stop them from leaving. Jingyu, for now, will be living at the back of Qingyun until further investigation.

The guy living in the back of Qingyun helped heal Jingyu and that allowed him to learn magical power again.

In the mean time, Qingyun decided to send Xueqi to look for Xiaofan and summon him back to Qingyun for questioning.








Back at Hujisan, Mr. Ghost was trying to extract the Tianshu in Xiaofan’s body. Biyao came and rescued him.

She got injured in the process.

Episode 34

While Biyao was unconscious, her dad decided to remove her memory of Xiaofan so that she would not meet the same fate as her mom when her mom decided to marry Guiwang.

Knowing the situation, Yueyi helped Xiaofan leave Hujisan and told him not to see Biyao again. There won’t be any happy ending to their interaction.

After Biyao woke up, she met Qin Wuyan while he was playing the flute. She didn’t remember him at all! (Their interaction here is pretty cute =D hahaah)

On the way back to Qingyun, Xiaofan met Xueqi. She gave him a letter from his Shinian (his Shifu’s wife) telling him not to go back to Qingyun with Xueqi. They started arguing until Shushu somehow found them.

At Yudu city, Shushu explained to Xiaofan how his cousin, Lixun, said he can save grandpa with his sect’s treasure if Shushu gave up the head of the city’s position.

While they were talking, YanHong (a disciple of Fengshangu and Lixun’s Shimei) came in and started arguing with Shushu.

Things started heating up and a fight broke out. Xueqi came in time to save them. In the midst of the fight, Feng Shangu’s special weapon (Xuan Hua Jian) got flung elsewhere.

XiaoHuan found it up but didn’t want to give it back to them. She handed it to someone at the Silk embroidery instead.

Back to Hujisan, Biyao still doesn’t remember anything related to Xiaofan.

Qin Wuyan came by to tell Biyao that he’s heading to Yudu City to take back Xuan Huan Jian. Hearing the familiar name of the city, Biyao told him that she will be coming along too! (Yay!! She’s going to see Xiaofan and not remember him! Can’t wait to see his expression with that)

Chexmixing: Nothing really exciting happened in these few episodes. Again, there’s not much character development 😦 Depending on how Rookie Agent is, I might just drop this drama altogether and start of that instead. So this might be the last recap for Legend of Chusen (Sorry…this drama is just not holding my interest). But if the recap is helpful for anyone, just let me know and I can continue doing it but probably with less details since I will be skipping scenes.

Behind the scene videos

(Zhao Liying and Li Yifeng behind the scene cuts. The sound quality is a little bad)

(Episode 36 Trailer – A little on Xueqi’s past)




17 thoughts on “[Review/Recap] – Legend of Chusen Episode 31-34

  1. Hi, Thank you so very much for the recap. I finally understand what is going on. I also cannot understand Mandarin. When I watch, I am guessing the scene, since Eng sub has stopped. I am always busy with work, so no time to watch every episode as well. The recap really safe time. Please continue to do the recap. Not very detail is ok as long as we got the gist of the story.
    But, thanks again for the recap. Truly truly appreciate it.


  2. Thanks for your recaps! I find them very helpful. I agree with everyone, I don’t know if I would watch without ZLY. I think this show feels very anime. How they split the stories into arcs and just the flow feels a bit anime to me. A slow paced one. It was probably a mistake to split it into two seasons, it slowed down the story. Another problem with this show is that there are way too many characters. It is hard to keep track of all the characters and their storylines.


  3. I hope you will keep recap but not all the details is ok but keep recap about zhao li and yi feng i only watch bc of the romance! But i don’t understand chinese and viki has stopped sub it so the recap is very useful


  4. Hi all 🙂 Is it true that, this sierie have 55 episode which Bi Yao will be in coma around episode 50 and will have part 2 for next year which has 17 episode? …


    1. Yup…For some reason the production team decided to split the drama into 2 parts.
      Part 2 will have 17 eps about xiaofan and xueqi mainly.


      1. Yup. Part 3 is expected to start filming next year as well.

        So it’s apparent that the production team wanted BY to be the main in part 1. XQ will take over in part 2.


  5. Thank you for holding on until now 🙂 I kinda stopped at ep 31 and sm debating whether to continue so this recap was definitely helpful !


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