Entertainment Update: The Advisory Alliance, Lan Ling Princess, Wun Xin 2

On September 20th, it is time to say Happy Birthday to the one and only… Hu Ge!! He is 34 this year and we all just want to see him married ^^ Someone send him a wife as a gift please!


Actor Deng Lun is announced to play Xie Bin in season 2 of Ode to Joy.


Season 2 of The Lost Tomb is coming our way! The final names are down to Qin Junjie, Ren Jialun, Chen Yi and Mao Zijun. My question is, where did Li Yifeng go?


The trailer of Fighter of Destiny 择天记

New Chanel 5 CF starring Hu Ge, Victoria, Ouyang Nana, Liu Haoran

Finally! Lan Ling Princess 蘭陵王妃 will be airing on Hunan TV. It has been.. 4 years. The drama will star Zhang Hanyun (Up Idol Season 1).

OMG! This is pretty damn cool! The very anticipated drama The Advisors Alliance starring Liu Tao and Wu Xiubo released stills. Liu Tao is slaying hard this year!!

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I Belonged to You released individual posters (starring Deng Chao, Bai Baihe, Yang Yang, and Zhang Crystal)





More good news for Zhang Hanyun! She is starring in this 2016 drama called Chong Er’s Peach.  Here, the stills are more centered in the titular role, played by Wang Long Hua.

1 2

Who is anticipating Wu Xin season 2? This drama will bring back the leads from season 1, Elvis Han, Chen Yao, Wang Yanlin, Mike D’Angelo, and more!

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A quick BTS.


Jiang Jinfu and Yuan Bingyan’s drama, Royal Highness dropped stills!

1 2 4

Two more stills for Xuan Yuan Sword Season 2.

1 2

When a Snail falls in Love with Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen released more stills.

1 2 3 4 5

This week’s Happy Camp will have Yang Yang, Zhang Tian Ai and Deng Chao. Sounds like a must watch to me. *_* We need more Da Shen swag.

1 2

Zhao Liying at the press conference of Rookie Agent Rouge on Sept 19th. Regarding her beloved friend Kimi Qiao, Zhao Liying sheds tears and expresses how she was in pain due to the loss of a dear friend of hers. She believes that everyone has a different way to express grief and she personally chooses not to use Weibo as a means to mourn the loss of her close friend. She hopes everyone can respect Kimi’s passing.

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Kimi Qiao’s funeral will be held on September 22 at Shanghai Longhua funeral home. Jing Bo Ran, Zhang Xinyu (Viann Zhang), and Xue Zhiqian arrived at the airport on the evening of September 21 and will attend the memorial service.


[Update] Kimi Qiao’s closest friends such as Zhao Liying, Xue Zhiqian, Li Yifeng, Joe Chen, and many others attended his memorial service on September 22 at Shanghai Longhua funeral home.


Wang Kai attended the opening ceremony to unveil his wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Wuhan. He looked really happy.



The webdrama 瘋狂天后 Crazy Queen is the hot drama of the moment. It is similar to the style of Go Princess Go: a girl travels back in time to arrive in Women’s Land (aka that land where women reign strong and men are treated like slaves..) The episodes are available directly on Youtube.


Our girl, Zhao Liying, became the official tourism ambassador for Hebei. She looked radiant in her photoshoot. I am so happy for her.





She posted on weibo, “my new job”


She is also singing the theme song for her new drama, Rookie Agent Rouge.



13 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: The Advisory Alliance, Lan Ling Princess, Wun Xin 2

  1. Thanks for this!!how’s life w/o full time blogging?

    Excited for Advisors’ Alliance and Rouge !! even if not subbed will still be watching it!!!


    1. Thanks for the update IK😊, Me too want to watch rouge, hope I can find the link and if not sub yet hope this blog can share the recap 😊 So we all fan can discuss it.

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    2. No prob., I only started it though, I think the other admins did more work 😛 Life is so tiring :”D I am in the middle of applications for internship and that is a lot of stress.

      Hope you are enjoying the dramas ^^


  2. Awesome to see another ent update (as well as all the other posts being posted!!) I thought I had more time to comment, but life is just so busy with this semester @_@ Midterms starting next week. Glad to see so many projects’ pictures, especially Advisors Alliance and Zhao Liying pictures!! ❤ Thanks again to everyone for updating me ^^

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