[Fashion Update] Kris Wu in London Fashion Week for Burberry



From Author:  Hello every body.  First off I will like to introduce myself who is another admin on this blog.  My name is Lia and my favourites in C-land are Kris Wu, Fan BingBing, YangMi, Liu Yifei, Li Yifeng, Angelababy and William Chan.  I also like super models like He Sui, MingXi, Liu Wen and Sun FeiFei.  I will more likely do fashion or photo shoot related articles because that is what I love and perhaps a few movies.  I’ll leave the drama articles to the real experts 😉  So tell me who do you want to see me write about more then I’ll do it.  FYI, this is my first blog post ever, some pointers would be nice to have.

Today, I will write about someone who is rising to the status of a fashion icon, Kris Wu, focusing on his recent activity in London fashion week with Burberry.  I can bet most of you would recognise the name of the luxury fashion house at once as it has sealed itself with the status of being a British icon since being in business since 1856.

Before the show, Kris set off to London carrying a bag that has not launched yet that time at the airport.  That would be the male version of the Burberry Bridle bag {seen below} and not even within 24 hours of launch, the bag retailing at Singapore dollars $2495 has been sold out in Burberry wechat.  That is crazy impact, it’s not a surprise he is sort after by other major fashion houses, namely Givenchy and Balmain to boost their market of consumers in China.  Most should know that Chinese people are all luxury brands biggest share of customers.  Kris Wu is already impressively the spokes person for Italian jewellery  brand Bvlgari and American sunglasses brand Ray Ban.




In the front row of the runway show with Cara Delevingne, Lily James, Felicity Jones and Nicholas Hoult.  Just to name the ones I recognised


Him talking about the show with snippets from the runway.   I really suggest you check out the full show if you admire beautiful clothes, they are to die for ❤

He did walk the show back in Men’s Fashion Week in January.   Here’s a video of model Kris.

And I’m leaving you a few pictures of him wearing the clothes.  I love how androgynous it is.



Up next, I’m thinking of blogging about Fan BingBing and her iconic red carpet looks.  What do you guys think?


8 thoughts on “[Fashion Update] Kris Wu in London Fashion Week for Burberry

  1. Thanks for your post! I knew Kris was really popular, but I didn’t know he had so much selling power. I saw he took a picture with Cara Delevingne during the show, she is sitting two spots to his left.
    I would love a post about Fan BingBing’s red carpet looks. She never disappoints.


    1. He definitely proved his selling power when his limited edition Mercedes Benz Smart went sold out in 1 sec from release because the pre-order number overflowed the manufacturing number. For Burberry, the sales has been up ever since he walked their runway 🙂

      Cara is one of my favourite international faces. I’m proud he’s in a movie with her too.

      We all cannot get enough of Fan Bingbing’s face and dresses. She’s THE goddess for me


  2. i remember seeing the burberry bag being sold out but i didn’t notice wyf holding the bag lol. fbb post sounds good!! she’s so fashionable and always on point


    1. Yup, he’s like the marketing dream. I have no idea where his fans get all that money from. Like give me some….

      I’ll definitely feature Fan Bingbing and maybe Angelababy too. They are always my favourites on the red carpet.


    1. Yeah, there’s a popular saying “You wear the clothes, don’t let your clothes wear you”. I really think he can just wear TopShop and still make it look expensive 🙂 I would love him to walk another runway.

      Fan BingBing will be pictures galore ❤ she's too glorious. I love how she adores Kris like a little brother too that she always calls him, her handsome younger brother


  3. I have only seen him in Somewhere Only We Know and he gives off an Asian James Dean vibe – Is that why he is so insanely popular? I don’t follow K-pop so not much background or perhaps it’s just my age – I am not in his demographic ! 🙂


    1. Omg. You’re on point!! Guan Hu who’s the director of Mr. Six said he has a James Dean vibe too.

      It’s not too late to start liking him, most of the fans he has now are not even from his Kpop days. They became fans after he got out.

      I can tell you what most of his fans love about him is, he sincerely seems to love his fans. There were fan cams at airport where he chatted with fans like a normal person. I find that a rare trait. He’s a great role model too and his interviews are very meaningful. I can link you to some if you’re interested.


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