[Review/Recap] – Legend of Chusen Episode 23-30

# of episodes: 55

Chinese name: 青云志

Summary: Xiaofan, Jingyu, and Xiao shixong are now off to find the second Tian shu. Biyao also joined them in search of Tianshu. The setting takes place in the city of DongHai against YuWanZi (head of Zhang Sheng Tang).

Episode 23-25

Xiao Yicai (aka Xiao Shixong) joined the picture in search for the 2nd Sacred book. But based on his interaction with Qinglong, he is possessed by the demon blood and is controlled by Qinglong.

Jinyu found out that Xiaofan is injured from the absorption of the sacred book. Xiao shixong happened to overhear their conversation.

Biyao, worried about Xiaofan, tried to sneak out to look for him. But she got caught by her dad.

On the other side, Xiaofan’s injury got worse and worse.

To cure him, Jingyu went to look for the rumored miracle healer (LiuWei). But the healer agreed to save Xiaofan only once Jingyu rescued his little brother.

Meanwhile, Xiao shixong was trying to exact the Tianshu out of Xiaofan’s body.

However, it backfired on him and caused him to lose control of the demon blood.

Jingyu saved the healer’s little brother (Xiao Qi) and together they went back to cure Xiaofan. He told Xiaofan that his injury is very severe and won’t have much time to live if left as is.

Later that night, Qinglong came by to invite the healer to have a discussion with GuiWong (Biyao’s dad) but he refused. Qinglong captured XiaoQi to lure him.

Back at HuJishan, Biyao was trying to feed XiaoQi food but he kept refusing.  (It’s a super cute scene! =D)

Hearing from Xiaoqi’s brother about Xiaofan’s injury, Biyao once again attempted to sneak out of her house. He dad, again, caught her. This time, he allowed her to go to Donghai but on the mission of finding the 2nd Tianshu.

Episode 25-30

Xiaofan, Qingyu, and Xiaoshixong have now arrived in the city of Donghai.

They were welcomed by the head of the city and the leader of Chang Sheng Tang, Yu Yangzi.

Yu Yangzi got news that GuiwangZhong had set up camp on the outskirt of the city and are attacking. Xiaofan and Jingyu decided to scout out their camp and see what they are up to.

Xiaofan and Jingyu disguised themselves and prevented Guiwangzhong from attacking the city. When they were about to get captured, Biyao came and pretended to be held hostage by them.

They took her to the city as “hostage”.

The next morning, as Biyao was about to leave, Xiaoshixong captured her.

Xiaofan and Jingyu thought Biyao left on her own, but she was actually held hostage by Yu Yangzi. He wanted to use her to get the first Tianshu from her dad. (He doesn’t know that it’s with Xiaofan).

With the help of Yunqin (the mute girl), Biyao managed to escape her cell.

Biyao found her way to another location and found a shivered up ShiTuxiao (the young master of the manor).

Yu Yangzi found her and decided to poison her to prevent her from escaping again.

On the other hand, Xiaofan and Jingyu disguised as Yu Yangzi’s disciples to look for Biyao. But he knew their plan and laid a trap to catch them.

Yunqin saved the both of them. She told them her love story with the young master of the manor and asked that they save him from Yu Yangzi, and in return she will help them save Biyao.

With the help of Yunqin, Xiaofan finally found Biyao!

Biyao, Xiaofan, Yunqin, and ShituXiao escaped the dungeon.

When night fell, Biyao and Xiaofan started talking and the topic came to the little boy that threw her a bun when she was starving at the bottom of the cave.

Biyao finally realized that that little was not Jingyu but actually Xiaofan!!! (He looks so confused still….)

Next day, they planned to overthrow Yu Yanzi and kick him out of the manor. Qinglong and Xiaofan teamed up and defeated Yu Yanzi!

With Yu Yanzi out of the manor, everyone now wanted to know where is the TingHaizhu (a pearl). It is the artifact that can releases Tianshu.

Everyone was looking for the pearl and Xiaofan found it.

Xiaofan didn’t want to give the pearl to Biyao (because she is from the evil sect) even though all she wanted was to use it to exact the Tianshu in his body to save him…

Xiaofan decided to give the pearl back to ShituXiao and ShituXiao was going to throw it away when he accidentally activated it. (He looks so much better here compared to when he was all raggy. hahaha)

When everyone was distracted, Yu Yanzi came out of nowhere and snatched the pearl away from ShituXiao.

Yu Yanzi used the pearl to summon Tianshu and that somehow caused everyone to lose their power (Tianshu absorbed all their power).

With no more power, Yu Yanzi sent his people to capture Biyao.

Yu Yanzi decided to use Biyao as a sacrifice to feed his blood bug and make a nest in that pond where Tianshu is located.

Knowing this, Xiaofan immediately went to rescue her.

This got sucked into Tianshu in the process. The spirit that lived in Tianshu told Xiaofan that having the 2nd book can help him defeat Yu Yanzi but it will be too much for his body to handle and he will died. But Xiaofan accepted the Tianshu regardless.

On the outside, Yu Yanzi was still trying to build a nest for his blood bug.

With the power of Tianshu, Xiaofan defeated Yu Yanzi and chased him and his disciples out of the city.

However, Xiaofan’s body could not endure the power of two Tianshu in his body. Biyao decided to seal the 2nd Tianshi in her Xian Xin Hua (the charm that she always wear in her hand).

Once everything settled down, Yueyi told Biyao that they will be returning to Hujishan (her home) the next day.

Biyao wanted to talk to Xiaofan before she leave but he never came because Jingyu did not delivered the message. (He didn’t want Xiaofan to interact with Biyao anymore)

Xiaofan decided to chase after Biyao to make sure that she will not use the Tianshu to revive the Demon beast while Jingyu will be returning to Qingyun.

On the way back home, Biyao decided that she wants to see Xiaofan again and so she ran away from Yueyi.

Qin Wuyan showed up again! And he got news that the 2nd Tianshu is in Biyao’s Xianxinhua so he plot to steal it from her.

Xiaofan came in the nick of time and saved her.

Episode 30 ended with Xiaofan roasting a rabbit for Biyao. =D

Chexmixing: This arc is by far my favorite. There’s so much Biyao and ZhaoLiying here!! Unfortunately there isn’t much character development at all! Xiaofan is still the same confused guy and Jingyu is still stiff with his good is good and evil is evil mindset. FYI, I read somewhere that there might be a part two to this drama. So Biyao might not die until the last 5 episodes of the drama or so and that they will continue with Xiaofan and Xueqi’s story as part two….

Behind the scene pictures + videos:


(Biyao feeding Xiao Qi. Hahah so cute!)

Image result for legend of chusen zhao li ying

(Trailer for Episode 32 – This is going to be interesting!!)

(Trailer for Episode 34 – Biyao’s dad is trying to erase her memory!!!! That means she might not remember Xiaofan anymore!!!)



15 thoughts on “[Review/Recap] – Legend of Chusen Episode 23-30

  1. The Mystic Nine and Legend of Chusen has been very hard to watch although I enjoy ZLY acting a lot. Just basically skipped through everything till her parts only. both of these drama she playing a supporting role and she really need a drama with more screen time and she the main lead focus is on her. Hopefully rookie agent rogue will allow her to shine because her project this year have been very disappointing (cannot watch any till end).


    1. I feel the same about her not having a lot of screen time in her dramas this year. In The Mystic Nine, she has a guest role so it makes sense. Also, we have to remember she kind of filmed three roles at the same time. I think she was going back and for between The Mystic Nine, Legend of Chusen, and The New Eternal Wave for some time.
      We are just used to ZLY doing dramas where her character is at the center and the one moving the plot along. I think Rouge will be going back to the usual and I am happy about that.


    2. Hahaha. I did that with Mystic Nine and I realized that I still got the gist of the story just fine.
      I saw the trailer for Rookie Agent and am super excited for that! Can’t wait to see her in a more exciting drama!!


  2. Thanks for the recap! I wonder why they didn’t specify how the story would develop in two parts. I doubt any of them would come back for another season.
    I keep hoping for XiaoFan to stop being so confused. I like their cute interactions, but I wish he would realize his feelings for her already. I think she knows she likes him. When she was in the dungeon, she kept thinking of him.


  3. Thank you for the recap..I just watched it till ep 26 with sub, don’t know why ep 27-30 take it so long to be sub…the story still goes but the character still same..I don’t think I want to watch part 2 if there is no Biyao (ZLY)..sorry for my bias..😊😊


    1. Hahaha agreed. If it wasn’t for Biyao and zhaoliying I would have dropped this drama already. It’s not bad but it’s not exciting at the same time….


  4. I’m up to episode 34! Yes! It’s very likely that BY stays til the very end. The 2nd part will be 17 episodes focusing on XF and XQ. I read that there might be a 3rd part filming next year.

    I thought there was a bit of character development for JY. He cares for BY, and is willing to team up with XF to save her. He knows she’s a good person and he’s conflicted in episode 27.

    I’m not impressed with XF nor LYF’s acting lol


    1. @Hannah you and I both re XF and LYF. I started watching Sparrow (up to ep2) and he seems better there. LYF seems to like to select roles where he is the ordinary Everyman who is somehow thrust into a hero role. Not sure if his acting is nuanced enough to play that role as he generally comes off confused! It kinda works in Sparrow as he is a double agent so that expression masks his inner turmoil (kinda like in Ancient Sword). Couldn’t finish AS as after a while , I thought that even with the inner turmoil, that needs to be more nuance to the expressionless face !

      @pooh I think it’s only subbed to ep26 for now as there are copyright issues with viki. 😦


        1. Not sure if it’s permanent – I think if enough people request for a license then it can be officially subbed. But not if its on a fan channel 😦


          1. Really hope they can continue sub it..why finding Cdrama with eng sub is very hard not like Kdrama or Tdrama?is there any regulation or something which make people hard to sub it?cause I think chinesse language more common than korean so it should be easier for Cdrama being sub than Kdrama.


  5. You are so quick! Thanks! I am a bit confused – is the dude dating Ling Er also influenced by the evil sect or is just Shao si xiong ?

    I felt sorry for Jing Yu – he actually stayed back to fight while XiaoFan escaped with BiYao and SituXiao but he got no credit for it!!!


    1. Haha Thanks! No the guy that Ling’Er is dating is just a regular disciple at Qinyun (though him and Xiao shixong do look similar)
      I know. I feel really bad for him too! He’s such a good friend to Xiaofan.


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