Concert Series with The Ladies of C-Pop

Even if you only watch Chinese dramas, you should be familiar with some ladies that are quite famous in the C-pop world. It’s been a while since I’ve check news on them, so I figure I’ll update them here as well. Hebe Tien (1/3 of S.H.E), Angela ChangCharlene Choi, and Gillian Chung have all expanded into dramas and movies, but they are more known for their career as singers. 

Despite the fact that all of them have had some big controversy in the past,  but fans loved them and I love their concert costume. Their personal life don’t concern me one bit, because we are all human after all. They are still young and beautiful with so many opportunity ahead. Plus, they are actually very good singers, despite me not liking most of their songs (Twin I’m talking to you), just feast your eyes on their beautiful wardrobe at their recent concert this year.

Hebe Tien

Twin : Charlene Choi & Gillian Chung

Angela Chang

Credit: Sina 1, 2,


3 thoughts on “Concert Series with The Ladies of C-Pop

  1. Thanks! I don’t know a lot about these ladies so this was very informational. For instance, I didn’t know Charlene Choi was part of a duo.


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