[Review/Recap] – Legend of Chusen Episode 17-22

# of episodes: 55

Chinese name: 青云志

Summary: Zhang Xiaofan and crew continues with the investigation of the poison happening in YuDu city. This eventually leads to the battle with WanDuMen and the finding of the first Sacred book.


Episode 17-19


After Biyao and Xiaofan fell off the cliff, they landed in a reclusive hut off the cliff.  Xiaofan was severely injured and on the verge of death.


In order to save him, Biyao must chase away WanDuMen so that the owner of the hut can feel safe using the magical rock to save him without sacrificing the citizen of YuDu city.


Biyao disguised herself as Yue Yi (her ‘aunt’ that is part of her clan) to approach Du Shen (the boss) and kill him. snip_20160920190119.png

Xueqi and Jingyu came looking for Xiaofan and the three of them managed to injure the boss and chase them away.


As promised, the owner of the hut used the power of the rock to save Xiaofan.


Back at the City of Yudu, they now know that the poison happening in the city is from WanDuMen but  Qin Wuyan was trying to pin it on Jing Ping’Er.


Qin Wuyan kicked Jing Ping’Er out of Yudu and took hold of the Silk Embroidery.


Knowing that WanDuMen is still in the city somewhere, Biyao and Xiaofan disguised as people from Guiwanzhong  (Biyao’s clan) to lure out the 3rd disciple of WanDuMen, Du Gong Zi (Mr.Poison). But he got away.


Mr. Ghost (a member of Biyao’s clan) also made it to Yudu. Xiaofan, Jinyu, Biyao and him discussed the poison of WanDuMen and he speculated that a majority of the people in the city are poisoned unknowingly.


Mr. Ghost taught them how to force the poison out of the body. But to eliminate it all they must get rid of the nest and it is located in the body of Shushu’s grandpa.


Because of the poison, grandpa got sick. Qin Wuyan took control of the city’s power and tried to kick Biyao out of the city.


After that, Qin Wuyan also kicked Xiaofan and them out of the City manor also.


In order to defeat Qin wuyan (who we now know is Du Gonzi), Biyao’s clan and Jing Ping’Er got together to invade the city while Xiaofan and them went to save grandpa.


They finally captured Qin wuyan. But he escaped to the ‘basement’ of the city when they weren’t paying attention.

The bottom of the city is supposedly the hideout of HeiXinLaoRen (The boss of the devil clan from before) and it is suppose to contain a powerful weapon so that’s why so many evil clans are interested in the city of Yudu.


Therefore, whole gang decided to chase after him to prevent him from finding the hideout.

Episode 20-22

From here on, the story gets a lot more interesting!


At the bottom of the city, the walked into a cave filled with bats!!


(Shushu trying to defend against the bats with his magical weapon but it ran out of battery on him. hahah poor guy)


During the fight, Xiaofan and Xueqi got knocked down to a deeper level of the city’s basement. A place that contained the spirits of the people who died.


Biyao, Jingyu, and Shushu went looking for Xiaofan and Xueqi. And all 5 of them left the place together.


As they continued walking, the found a place with a lot of bubbles. Those bubbles showed each person flashes of their happy memories.


Lost in the memories of bubble, Biyao and Xiaofan stepped too close to the cliff and fell off deeper into the basement of the city.


At the 3rd level of the city, they bumped into Qin Wuyan.


Qin Wuyan was trying to feed Biyao to the snake but instead got eaten in return. The snake knocked Biyao and Xiaofan toward the water and they ended up in front of the gate to Hei XinLaoRen’s lair. snip_20160920203503.png


Biyao told Xiaofan her story about being trapped in the cave with her mom when she was young. Though not described, it eluded to the idea that her mom cut off her own meat to feed Biyao during that time. That’s how she survived for so long I believe.


Biyao and Xiaofan got through the gate and into the lair of HeiXinLaoRen.


Biyao and Xiaofan saw a glimpse of the past and how HeiXinlaoRen was trying to revive the Demon beast with one sacred book. But he failed.


Back to the present, Mr. Ghost joined Biyao and Xiaofan in the cave. He revealed his plan to feed Xiaofan to the Demon beast to revive it.


Xueqi, Jingyu, and Shushu got to the lair right about when the Demon beast was about to be released. During the struggle, the sacred book somehow got absorbed into Xiaofan’s body.


Outside in the city, Shushu’s grandpa saw the Demon beast and tried to seal it away again. He used up all his power to do so and turned into stone.


The lair started collapsing. Mr. Ghost took Biyao and disappeared while the rest of them also left the cave.


Biyao is now back at HuJiSan (her home). Qinglong teasing her about Xiaofan =D. Her dad and Mr. Ghost was talking about using Xiaofan as a vessel for the demon beast.


Xiaofan and everyone are also safely in Yudu city. Xueqi said that she will be going back to Qinyun. snip_20160920211534.png

While Shushu is mourning for his grandpa. (He eventually took over the position as head of Yudu city)

Chexmixing: The story line is moving a little faster from here onward for it’s more fun to watch. Even though the story line is a little slow and draggy, the graphics is pretty awesome. I really like some of the scenery they have in there, especially when they are in the basement of the city and Biyao’s house. It’s very pretty. I also enjoy the fighting scenes in this drama a lot! (So I skip a lot of the talking..).

(Since this is my first time doing recaps I’m not sure if this is too little details or if it doesn’t make sense. Let me know if it is! )

Behind the scene videos and pictures:

Zhao Liying and Yang Zi having fun while filming.

(He looks so serious! =D)

FMV of Biyao and Xiaofan



8 thoughts on “[Review/Recap] – Legend of Chusen Episode 17-22

  1. Hi! Your recap is great. It’s not too wordy but highlights the salient bits 🙂

    I thought that Jin Ping Er was the one that alerted Jing Yu to the possibility that not everyone in the evil clan is evil. I also thought that there was meant to be some attraction there but then she just disappeared (not sure if she will return?) I actually quite like Jing Yu – he maybe stubborn but he is also realistic and not that pig headed to not be convinced otherwise.

    Was trying to watch ep 32 today but the preview made me a bit sad for JingYu 😦


        1. He was also the bad guy in that grand production of Ruby’s starring Wallace Huo and Yan Kuan.

          We may be in for a surprise. I read that he will have a love line with BY. 🙂


    1. Hahaha. That’s because I’m trying to catch up to the current ep. I’m sitting on the new eps so that I can do the recap and watch at the same time. =D And the trailer of the new eps look so epic!! =O


  2. From around episode 14 it started getting more and more interesting for me. Probably bc it was more XiaoFan and BiYao centered. Like I said I ship their cute puppy love. I pretty much like all the evil sect people. Their characters are much more interesting.
    Qinlong and BiYao have great chemistry. I like how he cares so much about her. I am settling on the big brother/father figure for him.


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