[Feature] Evolution of Zhao Liying’s Voice

Initially, Zhao Liying was discovered on a singing show. She actually participated in the Yahoo Search Star Game and won! Because of her win, Huayi Brothers signed her. So, I wanted to look back on her journey and reminiscence while also seeing how far Liying has come! It’s been a long and tough 10 years since her debut


Zhao Liying on Yahoo Search Star Game (her dad is quite handsome!):

A look at her arduous journey on the show/Zhao Liying in 2006:

Afterwards, Zhao Liying didn’t pursue singing. But, she did sing theme songs for her dramas/movie… starting with:

Legend of Lu Zhen

心情 (Mood) with Chen Xiao

Live performance of Mood (with Chen Xiao)

  • Short version:
  • Long version:

For Journey of Flower, she also sang:

不可说 (Cannot Say) with Wallace Huo

Live performances of Cannot Say (by herself)

For Legend of Zu, she sang:

乱世俱灭 (Our Troubled Times) with Andy Hui

我从来不存在 (I Never Existed)

For Our Ten Years, she sang a cover of Eason Chan’s Ten Years:

十年 (Ten Years)

Lastly, for Rookie Agent Rouge, she sang:

心念 (Yearning/Longing for?)

Zhao Liying also performed live

Liying sang on a show to celebrate Chinese New Year’s

Snowman (solo):

Stubborn (with Zhang Yixing):

On Up Idol, she sang an ethnic song:

And… last, but not least, she performed the opening song for the 2015 Anhui TV Drama Awards show with William Chan

Personally, I believe Zhao Liying improved quite a lot (singing and acting-wise). I love her latest song for Rookie Agent Rouge and I think it’s her best one yet!

A video of her (singing) journey:


10 thoughts on “[Feature] Evolution of Zhao Liying’s Voice

  1. I agree. She has improved a lot both in her singing and acting. I am a bit biased and I prefer the song from Journey of Flower. After that one, I really like her songs from Legend of Zu. Will her song for Rouge be the opening theme or the ending theme? There was another theme song released earlier for Rouge that sounded like an opening theme.
    Anticipate ZLY’s concert coming soon. She actually said she was interested in having one.


    1. I also like the song from the Journey of Flower. I like the opening theme song of JOF as well. I don’t like the songs from Legend of Zu as much

      I am not sure if her song is the opening or ending theme.. They didn’t say :\


  2. I like the song from Lu Zhen as that was the second c-drama I watched after Zhen Huan and I was impressed with the young OTP’s acting and their chemistry. I remember that show made me more interested in c-entertainment as I thought that Zhen Huan was an exception in terms of quality.

    Second for me would be JoF as I think the song is bittersweet despite me not being a fan of that show. I do think that her latest song is really good though – can’t wait for it to start!

    BTW, loved her duet with both WC and Lay – in the former, she looked sweetly shy and happy while in the latter happily confident 🙂


    1. I like the Lu Zhen song too, but after everything happened with Chen Xiao, I don’t really like to look at/listen to that song anymore 😥 it ruined Legend of Lu Zhen for me.. I was also impressed by their acting and chemistry.

      Yea, I think that C-dramas are getting better and better in quality! The JOF is a bittersweet song, and I also loved that show. My favourite show of ZLY’s is probably Cuo Dian Yuan Yang or Boss & Me. But, I became obsessed with JOF. It was the perfect role for her (helped her hit it big).

      I am so excited for this drama to start!! I really hope I’ll have time to watch it.

      Same! I especially liked her duet with WC 🙂 they just seem so happy around each other (the BTS of them practicing is also adorable)


  3. Wow. I didn’t know she sang so many songs! Hahah thanks for compiling all that.
    I think my fave is the one from Our Ten Years. He voice really matches the song.


  4. Since i dont know her before i thought she was like idol .the first time i heard her songs was from JoF..
    I really love the song..
    I never knew that she been singing alot ..
    I became her fans since boss and me..and love the soundtrack from there..
    Thank you for the clip ..


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