[Review/Recap] – Legend of Chusen Episode 1-16


# of episodes: 55

Chinese name: 青云志

Short summary: The story follows Zhang Xiaofan (Li Yifeng) and BiYao (Zhao LiYing) as they go on journeys to search for sacred books that hold the keys to releasing the Demon Best. Zhang Xiaofan is from Qinyun (noble sect) while BiYao is the daughter of the Ghost King (evil sect). As they go thru these journeys and face life and death situations, Biyao eventually fell in love with Xiaofan and sacrifice herself to save him.

Other characters include: Lin Jingyu (Cheng Yi) –  d Xiaofan childhood friend from the same village. Lu Xueqi (Yang Zi) – She is from the same clan as Xiaofan. Zeng Shushu (Qin Junjie) – Xiaofan’s friend from the same sect. Tian Ling’er (Tang Yixin) – daughter of Xiaofan’s teacher whom he liked at first.


I’m going to start off by recapping the first 16 episodes of this drama. It is just going to be a brief summary of what has happened so far.

Episode 1-2 set up the story line with the massacre of Xiaofan and Jingyu’s village. During that time Xiaofan was also given a blood pearl (a powerful artifact from the demon clan). After the death of everyone, they got taken in by Qinyun but under different teacher.

Image result for legend of chusen

6 years later, Xiaofan grew up to be your slower than average disciple with very limited magic.  (Poor guy. All he did in the beginning is cook and chop wood/bamboo trees)

The story got more interesting when Biyao showed up in her mysterious cloak. She was trying to buy Xiaofan’s herbal medicine with fake silver but he found out and started chasing her down.

She, of course, got away


Episode 3-7

Back at Qingyun, Xiaofan and Ling’Er was attacked by some demonic aura and the blood pearl merged with the torch and saved them. That torch became his “special” weapon.


Later, Ling’Er was kidnapped by the demon clan called LianXueTang (Blood pond?) to lure out the owner of the blood pearl. Qingyun sent a bunch of disciples to rescue her, among them are Jingyu and XueQi. Xiaofan and Shushu also followed along.


On their way, they got attacked by those red leaves (a trap of the place)


Biyao flew in for the rescue!! Though her real motive is actually to kill the boss of the clan, NianLaoDa because he killed her mom when she was young.



Xiaofan and Jingyu snuck into the lair to rescue Ling’Er and kill the boss while XueQi and Shushu went to rescue other hostages.


They killed NianLaoDa (the boss) and rescued Ling’Er. Biyao and them separated. Xiaofan and them went back to Qingyun.


The end of episode 7 reveals Biyao’s childhood story where her mom and her got chased down by NianLaoDa. They hid out in a cave for days waiting for her dad to come and rescue them. However, her mom didn’t survive. At that time when Biyao was most vulnerable, a little boy threw a bun down for her. That little boy was Xiaofan but for now she thought it was Jingyu.

Episode 8-10


Back at Qingyun, a competition was held among all the disciples. And Xiaofan miraculously won with the help of his weapon and became one of the top 4 along with Jingyu, Xueqi, and Shushu.


After the competition,, Xiaofan and Shushu decided to go YuDu city to visit Shushu’s grandfather. Traveling via a flying fish..!

Episode 11-16

 photo Sen11 13.jpg

 photo Sen13 5.jpg

At YuDu city, we meet Qin Wuyan – the head guard of the city and Jing PingEr -head of the Silk Embroidery workshop who used to be a disciple of the Tian Yan clan (demon sect).


And BiYao!


Xiafan followed a suspicious girl and found out that it was Biyao! yay!


Xueqi and Jingyu also finally got to YuDu city and now the whole crew is complete!


The crew had some fun time in YuDu city putting on a play about a love story between good and evil sect.


Later, Xiaofan stumbled upon the lair of WanDuMen (Thousand Poison Sect) on the outskirt of the city and got captured.


Biyao and Jingyu went to save him. Jingyu lured off most of WanDuMen disciples away while Biyao went inside to look for Xiaofan.


She found him and they escaped. But they were being pursued by the sect’s poisonous bugs and its disciple. During the fight, Biyao and Xiaofan got knocked down and fell off the cliff.

Chexmixing: For me this drama has a very typical story line. Nothing special so far. If you want a drama with a unique story line then I would not recommend watching this one. However, if you are a fan of the main leads Li Yifeng and/or Zhao Liying and you have time on your hand, then it could be a refreshing. Overall I think ZLY portrayed the character really well (but then again..I could be bias =D). But I think she really lights up the scenes with her sassy personality. As for the on-screen chemistry between her and Xiaofan.. I’m not sensing any. For me, Xiaofan always look sleepy/tired/confused. However, I do like parts where she teases him and he can’t/doesn’t retaliate. I think it’s cute. Xueqi hasn’t had much screen time so far so I don’t know how to feel about her yet. Jingyu’s character is a little stiff for me but you can see him changing as he interacts more with Biyao in the later episode so that could be interesting . I’ll continue watching it just because but I heard ZLY dies so I’m not sure if I’ll finish or not… we’ll see….

Behind the scenes videos/pics











21 thoughts on “[Review/Recap] – Legend of Chusen Episode 1-16

  1. i like it but sometimes i’m just like xiao fan u were supposed to destroy that red stone!!!!
    chengyi is so good looking as jingyu. actually out of tfboys, i think yi yang qian xi looks more like lyf


  2. Thanks for the recap! I am up to ep. 26 and I do think it gets much better. The story is really draggy at points bc they take too long to actually accomplish what they need to do. BiYao is also my favorite character, but then again I could be biased too (but I don’t think I am lol).
    As for their chemistry, I find them cute together. I am waiting for XiaoFan to start liking her and I know he will from previews so I want to see that unfold. The way they develop how she likes him is believable for me. At first she is interested in his friend, but there is this pull towards each other due to circumstances.
    I do think XiaoFan can get a bit annoying; he is so slow at times that it frustrates me. I don’t understand why people listen to him. But I think the downside to this drama is the lack of interesting/likable characters. For me the most likable characters are BiYao, Wild Dog, and Qing Long. Why do I only like the evil sect people?
    As for Cheng Yi’s character I don’t think he likes BiYao but he is conflicted by wanting to help her. He realizes she is not a bad person and it goes against everything he is suppose to feel for the evil sect.
    ZLY has lasted on this drama way longer than I thought. I am kind of anticipating when she leaves bc it will set off an interesting chain of events.


    1. No problem at all! hahaah I think the reason why we all like Zhao Liying so much is because she has a way of portraying the character so well that we can’t help but end up liking her character! Yea I wasn’t expecting to see up last till ep 30+ either but I’m not complaining. =D


  3. I can’t believe I’m following the drama daily, lol It’s getting really draggy and I’m losing my patience.

    BY lasted longer than I expected. However, I read that the drama is adapting the 1st part of the novel. So, there might be an open ending?


    1. only the first part? I have been looking forward to evil XF since the start. Hmmm I don’t know ZLY’s filming schedule was much shorter than everyone else. I was expecting her to last ~30 episodes. I think they are doing a Journey of Flower, where we will only see his evil version for a few episodes.


      1. Well, she was barely there in the first 10 episodes. She’s going to be MIA again once the plot drifts back to Qingyun. Maybe 10 more episodes for her.


        1. 10 episodes is a lot since the drama only has 55 episodes, that means she dies around ep. 40. Since she does go MIA in a few episodes I do think her total ep. count will be around 30.


  4. Thanks for doing the recap! It’s great to see the blog alive and kicking!

    I like Cheng Yi too. I am up to Ep 31 and I am still confused – does Cheng Yi have feelings for Bi Yao too or is it just poor editing which makes it seems as if there are gaps?

    Totally agree re Xiao Fan looking confused or bewildered all the time.I get that he is supposed to be the Everyman and his strength in his ordinariness makes him desirable but he just came off blur – a bit better after ep 28 and I hope he gets better as GuLi. Still watching for ZLY and the adventure-solving-xianxia theme but not addictively.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LYF and Yang Zi bother me a lot. Though YZ hase less scenes she really pises me of she shows up. I gave up on LYF and his autistic expression he has most of screentime. I literally watching this drama only for ZLY. Though, there is only two secondary character,Jing Pin’er and Qing Long, who are my only favorite secondary characters in this drama.
      Btw, honestly this drama is very beautiful and well seted but plot is weak.


      1. I really like Qing Long too. I kind of ship him a bit with BiYao. I also find YZ’s character annoying and even fans of her book character have said that she is annoying.


    2. From my understanding, I think Cheng Yi is going thru a character development where he’s starting to question that maybe not all demon sect people are evil because of Biyao. I wouldn’t call it love but her interaction with him is definitely changing his stiff character.
      But Xiaofan is growing on me. His defense for Biyao makes me like him more and more!


  5. It got too draggy at one point so I decided to put it on hold. Is the drama done airing yet? I might catch up when I have time. Zhao Liying nails her role as per usual, no question there. The other characters could’ve been more interesting and that’s something they should’ve worked on.


    1. I agree. If not for the fact that I’m watching it as it air I don’t think I could’ve sit through the whole thing.
      It’s currently on ep 31 right now. She gets even more screen time from ep 20 onward and it’s mainly about her and Xiaofan! =D


  6. Fell in love with the novel until I heard that Biyao dies -.-
    But the novel’s really well written and I believe that although the drama strays far away from the novel, LYF and ZLY does portray the characters pretty well.


  7. Fisrt I watch chusen because of ZLY, then I found the story quite good, run smooth and fast..just like detective drama they close the story one by one with different case not like other drama who have only one enemy but hard to solve..as usual ZLY acting skill are good she really fit become biyao..cute,stuborn,kindhearted and spoiled.LYF look too dummy here,just like someone who doesn’t has any brain at all. I love CY here..he really look smart,handsome and stuborn but kindhearted. Three of them look cute together as they didn’t realize their feeling yet to each other. Really looking forward the end of this drama since chinese drama mostly have a big question mark ending which make everything possible to the sequel..but then no sequel at all..sighh


  8. I started watching up to about episode 8 I think. It got too draggy at some level and most characters are too clean it is boring. v_v I think Qin Junjie is the most interesting role out of all of them. I can also watch no problem all ZLY scenes since I love her, but the rest.. v__v hard to follow through. Not that I dislike the rest of the cast, but they don’t have what it takes to lure me back in.
    I am surprised how long Liying’s character is staying in the story! :O

    Liked by 1 person

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