[Anticipation Post] Rookie Agent Rouge with Zhao Liying and Lu Yi

Rookie Agent Rouge (Yan Zhi/胭脂) will be released September 27th on both Dragon TV and Zhejiang TV. The online broadcaster is iQiYi. This is one of the most highly anticipated spy dramas this year starring Zhao Liying. It is 45 episodes long



In the year 1937, Japanese troops entered China, which triggered a surge of patriotism. Rookie Agent Rouge follows the development of Lan Yan Zhi, a student activist, who goes through hardships. First, Yan Zhi becomes a Nationalist, but due to the corruption within the party, she becomes discouraged… that is, until she meets a righteous member of the Communist party who helps her become a true patriot.

Zhao Liying as Lan Yan Zhi


Lu Yi as Zhou Yu Hao


Tao Xin Ran as Feng Man Na


Yuan Wen Kang as Song Mian













Short Trailer:

Long Trailer: 

Zhao Liying singing the theme song,《心念》


Press Conferences (held September 19th in Hangzhou and September 20th in Shanghai):

Clip of the Hangzhou conference (first outfit)

Clip of Liying talking about coping with and respecting her friend, Kimi Qiao,’s death (she cries and she’s never cried in public before). She said that she did not want to use Weibo to express her grief and wanted fans to respect his death. Liying also wore Kimi’s favourite kind of clothing (all black and punk) to mourn him.


Second outfit


Press conference in Shanghai (love her hairstyle and dress here):




Zhao Liying also filmed a talk show, 金星秀 (The Jinxing Show), to promote Rookie Agent Rouge


The cast having fun filming:


25 thoughts on “[Anticipation Post] Rookie Agent Rouge with Zhao Liying and Lu Yi

    1. To be honest, I don’t normally watch this kind of drama either. This will be the first spy/war drama I watch. Since this is set during WW2, I think it will be somewhat comedic and light in the beginning (it is named Rookie Agent Rouge after all) and turn dark


  1. I am really looking forward to this drama. I think she will be playing a pretty interesting role.
    Really sad about Kimi’s death and how people reacted to it. First with the rumors about his death and then by attacking some of his friends. He will be laid to rest on Sept. 22th and let’s hope he is in a better place.


    1. I am too! I think it’ll be a new role/character for her 🙂

      It’s really sad how people handled this whole situation. At least Liying addressed the situation and now there’s no more attacks against her!


      1. Yes, I think this role will be really different from the usual. Lately she is picking stronger female roles, which I am really excited about.


  2. Oh! So excited for this!!! Finally ZLY will be acting with actors. 🙂 don’t kill me, people! love WC-ZLY BTS interactions together but her last few shows have all been with idol actors so it would be interesting to see her chemistry with both Lu Yi and Yuan Wen Kang.

    Her outfits in this show look good too – my fav era for clothes despite the general melancholic tone and high level of deaths / torture.


    1. I am too! Yup, it’s about time 🙂

      As much as I like William Chan and Li Yifeng, I don’t find them to be very strong actors. But, Liying will also have the Eternal Wave with Aaron Kwok, another serious actor, so I’m looking forward to that as well! I think Liying’s chemistry with Yuan Wen Kang is convincing in the trailer though. I adore the pink outfits and the matching of the hats with the clothes ❤


      1. Yeah! Am looking forward to that movie too – those qipaos !! So nice!! And yes her chemistry with YWK in the trailer looks good!!!

        BTW thanks for this post – love the interviews session.


    2. Yes..I also really ship WC-ZLY but still wanna see she being paired with other actor too..especially actor who have a lot of experience, mature actor 😛 its great for her acting skill.


  3. This drama reminds me a lot of Tang Yan and Luo Jin’s Agent X, with the whole communist vs nationalist parties, the war, the espionage, the corruption, patriotism etc lol. I don’t know, I may be down for that since I kind of like the genre. Just hope there won’t much plot twists and inconsistencies.


    1. I haven’t seen the Disguiser, but I hope this drama is just as well-received 🙂

      Definitely! If you watch it, let me know what you think


  4. Thank you for carrying on the blog!
    RL work deadlines have made me miss out a few days here but I am a big fan of ZLY and LY so I am really looking forward to this drama! Been waiting forever and I can’t wait to see ZLY act with a better actor than the ones before though I am still struggling through Legen of Zu for her 😀

    My favourite ZLY drama is still CDYY and Boss and Me at the moment


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