[BREAKING] Kimi Qiao passes away at 28


Tragic news, everyone. Actor Kimi Qiao (Qiao Ren Liang), who’s notably known for his roles in Legend of Luzhen and Cruel Romance, has been reported dead at his residential building on the 16th of September at 18:21. A reporter from Xinmin Evening News learned from Putuo Branch of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau that on the evening of September 16th at 18:21, a man has been killed at his residential building in Taopu town, Putuo District, Shanghai. As the police arrived on the scene, they investigated that the victim was a 28-year old man from Shanghai whose surname is Qiao. The man was later identified to be Kimi Qiao. All the news outlets are reporting about this, including Sohu.

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Initial reports state that it was a homicide, but that was later ruled out by the police. Tons of rumors surrounding his death have been circulating around on Weibo since then, including death by BDSM play with a director, suicide caused by years of depression and some reports state death by suffocation due to a plastic bag over his head. His studio has confirmed his passing, as well as his friends in the industry, and asks everyone to let him rest in peace. They kindly ask everyone to put a stop to these rumors as to not tarnish his image and respect his passing. His death is still under further investigation. We will update you as more confirmed info gets released.

UPDATE 17/09: His agency released an official statement today, confirming the cause of his death to be suicide. Kimi has been suffering from insomnia and severe depression for years, which led his agency to cut back his activities this year. But in the end, that did not help and as a final resort, he ended his own life. 

On Weibo, plenty of celebrities have expressed their mourning and condolences, including Tang Yan, Li Yifeng, Yang Rong, Zhang Yixing, Wang Kai, Kris Wu, etc.

In the meantime, let’s pay our respects to our lovely Kimi and express our sincere condolences to his family, friends and loved ones 😦 Rest in peace, Kimi. So sad to see a talented and young actor go…

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28 thoughts on “[BREAKING] Kimi Qiao passes away at 28

  1. I was always a casual fan of Kimi and wished the best for him in his entertainment career so it came as a huge shock when I found out he’d passed away in the way that he did. It goes to show that those who smile the brightest and seem the happiest sometimes carry the deepest pains and sorrows. Rest in peace beautiful soul, you were taken from us all too early. I hope that where ever you are, you’re happy there and free of all that tormented you in the physical world.

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  2. It’s sad and sudden that he passed away and at such a young age too!!
    Been following the news on Weibo and apparently Chen Qiao En and Zhao YiLing are getting a lot of backlashes for not posting condolences of Weibo……


    1. Chen Qiao En has been feeling extremely unwell ever since finding out about the passing of her best friend. Her manager said that she’s been depressed to the point that she would not get up from her bed. I’m hoping she finds strength. People need to be more sensitive and understanding :-/

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    2. I will never understand the netizens who are attacking Qiao En for not posting on Weibo her condolences. If my closest friend were to suddenly pass away, my first instinct is not to post on my personal social media website my tribute to her. In fact, even on day 2 or day 3 or day 4 afterwards, I would not be on social media posting about it because the grief would keep me occupied for days. I think in general, the people closest to the one who has passed away are the least public about their grief because they are grieving harder than anyone else in private; there is no justification for attacking celebs who are privately grieving.

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    3. I dont understand why they are attacking them. They were both close to Kimi Qiao and are probably having a hard time. There is no need for them to explain how they grieve. Do you feel more sorry for his death if you post on weibo? This is truly ridiculous. I have lost people before and my first instinct wasn’t let me make a quick post on my SNS account about how someone I cared about just died. Thankfully, some sane people are coming out and stating the obvious.


      1. Thank you. This really hit me that unfortunate events can happen to everyone 😦 That is why it is important to keep important and true things close to our heart. Each time I come to this article, my heart break a little ><


  3. OMG! When ikitten told me, I thought it couldn’t be true and it must be a joke from a bad person. But turns out it was real. He is a wonderful person and actor. He had such a bright future ahead of him. To think that Stay With Me will be released without him to see the final results. And so much more that he will miss even when he put his heart into them. This is just so sad!! 😦 RIP Kimi!

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    1. To think that I was watching a BTS video of Stay With Me last week, and how none of us expected something like this to happen to him…. It’s insane. Hope he is in a better place.

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  4. I can’t believe i woke up and the first thing i saw was this terrible news. He was so young, too young. And although I wasn’t his big fan I still liked him and enjoyed his performance in dramas and variety shows. It’s just too sad. I will miss him.
    RIP 😦

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  5. He and Zhang Yixing were in Happy Camp ONE time. They’re not friends. Typical of Yixing to ride the bandwagon when they barely knew each other.


    1. Just saying but I don’t think any of us knew Kimi that well either but we’re all hoping that he’s resting in peace now, if anything Yixing at least met Kimi in person once before…and I think everyone on social media is expressing their condolences not just Yixing trying to ride some sort of bandwagon.


    2. I don’t think you need to be friends or know the deceased personally to express condolences and pay respects to them. It’s just a simple matter of respect.

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  6. Such a young lad. I was not an ardent fan, but I find his smile was charming. Isn’t he close with Joe? 😢 RIP Kimi Qiao. 😟


  7. Thank you for releasing this post >< I was reading on my phone without really understanding and it was everywhere. At first, I refused to believe it, thinking it os a bad practical joke, but turns out it is the hard reality. The SM rumour seems the most popular on social media.
    Kimi Qiao seemed more distant on his last appearance on Happy Camp, but he is still one of the last person I would expect to die so suddenly. May he rest in peace :((.

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    1. I thought it was some sick joke, or perhaps the victim was a different person, but alas, the worst possibility turned out to be true 😦 I initially wrote about this news in the Entertainment Update post, but later I thought that it was big enough deal so it deserved a post of its own.
      Hmm, suicide from depression is very likely the case here, but we should wait for more info.


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